Cheating Husband Orders Estranged Wife To Return Home Or Risk Replacement Posted on November 25 2013

Rift Valley, Kenya: A teacher in Nakuru County has given his estranged wife — with whom they differed over his ex-girlfriend’s attempt to be a second wife — a December 31, ultimatum to return home or else he remarries.

The teacher, who works at a private secondary school in Bahati, had been at loggerheads with his wife over infidelity allegations. He resorted to issuing her with threats after reconciliation efforts hit a snag.

This was a fortnight ago after the two scandalised each other before they parted ways in a free-for-all drama incident that attracted the attention of local residents.

Second wife It all began when the teacher’s former girlfriend began making inroads to his heart.

The ex-had briefly been married to a Tanzanian man before her marriage failed, forcing her to relocate back to Kenya. She tried to have the teacher make her his second wife, but the teacher’s wife would hear none of it.

Immediately the teacher’s wife got wind of her intentions, she put her on notice and declared her persona non grata at the teacher’s home.

But this didn’t dissuade the former lovebirds from rekindling their old flame and meeting privately.

Revelations that the two had continued with their hanky panky angered the teacher’s wife leading to a separation.

The teacher’s wife paid her husband’s parents an impromptu visit and reported his wayward ways.

She made wild allegations and backed them up by tabling incriminating evidence, which included the teacher’s sexual impropriety with his house help who she had to fire to save their marriage.

However, she was astounded when her in-laws stood by their son who was absent to defend himself. They counselled her to instead, give him time to change.

The displeased wife stormed back to their house the next evening and began packing her possessions. It wasn’t without drama.

The couple began tussling over some household items — jointly owned — with both claiming ownership. In the process, some fragile items were smashed to bits.

After the incident, the teacher accompanied by his parents visited his in-laws in an attempt to reconcile the two. Problems arose during negotiations in which the teacher emerged as a villain with no peace deal reached.

Some of demands put to him, as part of reconciliation, was his immediate ceasing from associating with womenfolk be it work mates out of working place.

Rage This didn’t please the teacher who stormed out in a fit of rage. He denied allegations leveled against him. He instead, cited jealousy as the reason behind his wife’s demands.

He gave her until the end of this year to voluntarily return to him with no demands on her part. Failure to which he’d be free to remarry whomever he wishes.

Ogbeni Walor


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