Thousands of teachers in several parts of England go on strike over pay, pensions and conditions.

Thousands of schools are expected to be closed across much of England today as teachers strike over pay, pensions and jobs.
Teachers in London, Cumbria, the South East, North East and South West are taking part in the one-day strike.
In Cornwall, 107 schools have announced they will either be closed or partially closed to pupils as a result of the industrial action, Cornwall Council says.
More than 110 schools will be affected in Devon by closures or partial closures. The Devon County Council area will see 43 affected, the Plymouth unitary area has 52 schools and there’s another 19 in the Torbay unitary council area.
Nineteen out of 33 London boroughs have provided information to BBC London 94.9 about the number of schools affected so far.
Of those, about 400 schools are completely closed and 450 partially closed.
The first strike was at the end of June in the north-west of England. During the second day of action on 1 October, more than 2,500 schools were closed or partially closed in the east of England, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber.
Today’s strike is the third in a series of regional walk-outs in protest at changes to pay, pensions and workloads.

Ogbeni Walor


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