Woman Prompts Boyfriend to Kill Her Husband Because of Sex.

25-year-old woman, Yakbyen Nanbol, who allegedly conspired with her lover of the same age to murder her husband, has been nabbed by men of the Nigeria Police.

The young wife, a mother of one child, which she had for the deceased husband, claimed that she did not ask her lover, Samson, who was her late husband’s friend, to kill him. In her confession, she said:

“I knew Samson through my husband. He has been coming to our house whenever my husband travelled. My husband did not stay home regularly. Samson will come to the house, requesting for lovemaking. I finally gave in.
“And we have been meeting until he killed my husband.”
Also, the suspect claimed that he had been in love with the woman since July and had been having the affair since, whenever the husband travelled to Port Harcourt.

The sad incident which happened in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, has thrown the city into confusion.

‘Why I killed him’
Samson, a native of Langtang South, noted that because of his “impressive performance” in bed the woman advised him to kill the husband once he came back from Port-Harcourt, where he went for a job, so that they would be free to get married.

“One day she suggested we should be married. I rejected the idea instantly but later had a second thought and agreed to marry her. I promised to give her money to return the dowry but she said no, that I should kill the husband and I agreed.

“The day her husband came back, she called me, told me her husband had come. I went there in the night and killed him with a gun.”

Parading Mrs Yakbyen Nanbol and Samson at the State Police Headquarters, Plateau State Commissioner of Police, Chris Olakpe, described the incident as quite unfortunate.

Ogbeni Walor


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