The Lightning-powered phone: Because Charging with Electricity is too Mainstream

Note that this lightning bolt was lab-created​

Note that this lightning bolt was lab-created​

It’s been – what? – 200 years since Mary Shelly created Frankentein’s Monster, who was brought to life by lightning, but scientists have found a way to revamp the old novel idea into something more “techy”.

This experiment was conducted in the University of Southamptom in collaboration with Nokia. Nokia itself, inspite of its collaboration, has warned users “not to try this at home.”

The lightning bolt was created in a lab using a transformer by passing 200,000 volts across a 30cm air gap. The scientists were amazed themselves to see that the Nokia phone’s circuitrywas able to stabilize all signals (including the noisy ones) and charge itself using the lab-generated lightning bolt.

Experts have said that harnessing nature in this way can be a useful means of power where electricity is in short supply.

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