Niger-Delta Community Rejects Shell’s Offer of Compensation for Oil Spillage

The people of Bodo village in Niger-Delta have said NO to a financial settlement offer from Royal Dutch Shell. According to Ventures Africa, apparently, Shell made them an offer of settlement for the oil spillage that has impoverished the little community.

Shell, as we know, is one of the foremost oil exploration companies in Nigeria, and it made an offer of N7.5billion (or $46.3million) offer to the Bodo community people (estimated at a population of 15,000 people) for a pipeline spillage which it has claimed responsibility for.

If the international oil firm thought this was a sufficient act of goodwill towards the community, it was sorely mistaken, as the people have flat-out rejected the offer, saying it is an insult to them. They consider the offer disrespectful and undermining of their losses. Under the current offer, the people of the community will each have $1,700.

A spokesman for Shell Nigeria has said, “We haven’t reached an agreement on compensation, which is disappointing,” while Martyn Day of Leigh Day, the British Law firm representing the Bodo community people says, “the whole week has been deeply disappointing.”
Bodo community, Niger-delta,

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