Do you still believe in Nigeria?

When or if you do come across a Nigerian anywhere in the world, he or she always stands out.

I am not certain if it’s maturity or the fact that there is a strong spiritual force behind it, but for the most part, it seems like when Nigerians travel abroad for whatever the reason they tend to develop a strong sense of pride about their motherland.

Why? Is it that there is a sort of arrogance that comes with being created a Nigerian? And why not?  Rightfully so, with the amount and quality of resources the Almighty creator had made available to us as a nation. However, attached with this arrogance comes some level of responsibility.

Being Nigerian attracts the added responsibility of being labelled the GIANT of Africa. We are expected to represent anything good that comes from this resourceful continent, however, it is the exact opposite that we as a nation and a people exhibit.

I thought hard and long of this complexity. It is rather complex, you know. It can be so very easy, but yet, most of our political leaders have connived to make it look extremely difficult when faced with making simple choices on behalf of the people that entrust their votes or trust in them.

I am pretty sure most of you can empathize with me. Everyone has their stories on how their Nigerian pride has been revamped and boosted – which is not always palatable, if i must add. We can also share our stories on how we defend our fatherland when out of the country especially when non Africans question our poor living conditions back home. If need be, we should scream and refute their statement and proudly showcase our ‘Nigerianness’.  But truth be told, how many of us know about Nigeria?  Do you know our first president or how many states in Nigeria? Can you mention the countries that Borders the east, west and north of Nigeria. Do you know the first military president and what political parties we have….or their names?

Yes, to know Nigeria isn’t all about assimilating her general knowledge. That’s only a fraction of it – our diverse culture, tradition, memories, the green passport, tongue, genes, stories, and so many more make us truly Nigerian. Still knowing our general knowledge is important…imagine someone defending her country armed with such information as compared to another who only defends hers by shouting the loudest about nothing. As trivial as it may seem, we ought to know learn them and make our country truly proud when next we defend her.

Many Nigerians are currently dissatisfied with the situation of things in the country, particularly on the issue of corruption that has bedeviled virtually all sectors of the nation’s economy, hence, they are giving up on the development of the country. However, some Nigerians have a different view, believing that whether good or bad, Nigeria remains their beloved country. One of such Nigerians that still believe in the country is ME.  I honestly believe in Nigeria. I am fanatically Nigerian in the true essence of the word.

Whatever your opinion on my stance differs is not an issue here, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the political landscape is changing.  Of course, some people will want to change things back to what they were yesterday, whatever yesterday means. Some will want to change things even more tomorrow, whenever tomorrow comes. There will be the inevitable attempt by those who will prefer the status quo that unfortunately add to the bad image garb we’ve been adorned with to remain, but In the midst of all these, I am still proud to be black and African and Nigerian and I am proud to be Yoruba because this is who I am. I believed in Nigeria, and I still believe in Nigeria, in spite of all its problems and irregularities and I am convinced that we can make it work together.

I am proud to be a Nigerian, with her flaws and our differences. I am proud because no other mix could have made me. I am proud to be a Nigerian, because I know my children’s children will take a look back some day and be glad that they too are Nigerians. There is hope for my country.

I have not given up in Nigeria because of the love I have for my country, no matter the bad state of the country, east, west, and north and south, home is the best. Nigeria is my home, I still believe in its wellbeing. I still believe that the leadership problem will be solved across board one day. I pray the solution will be found in my own time. Surely one day, the looting of public treasury will end in Nigeria. Nigeria, is our home, we will not run away, let all of us work together to make the country a better place to live.

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians today and always, where ever they are on this earth, bring them together in renewed hope for our country. Let our light shine.



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