Governor of Kogi state, Idris Wada’s popularity in his area of operations has increased.
And it is not for his management of state’s resources or- resounding impacts projects undertaken by his government have on the citizenry.
Rather, it is for private antics that have reportedly transformed into public matter.
The state head man is alleged to have put two ladies in the family way. And both are not married to him, making the development an ‘out of wedlock’.
Information disclosed the identities of the ladies involved as- Halima Ibrahim, one of his aides and an upcoming actress, Linda Black.
The two expectant mothers are said to enjoy great patronage from the governor- and were regular guests at his favored rest house disclosed as ‘House X’ (described as a love nest of sort).
Insiders revealed news of this development is fast becoming the most popular gist in Kogi state and the cause of present dissatisfaction in the first family’s homestead.
Mr. Wada’s wives, Halima and Amina are said to take exemption to the occurrence.
Formerly at war over struggle for the most relevant ‘wife of the governor’- the wives are said to have discovered a common front to battle the state helmsman.
However, the first wife and His Excellency had reasons to raise their voices just days before the Governor left Lokoja for Abuja a while back accusing him of sexual recklessness and giving her sexually transmitted disease (Syphilis).
Issues surrounding this governor are becoming too enormous in recent times. Weeks back, Governor Wada’s two sons were reportedly said to have been involved in a near life threatening incident when they stormed a nightclub in Abuja with so much money and were having fun to the point of oppressing a top police officer who didn’t know their identity raised alarm that they were robbers and were taken to the Police head office before the ADC of their father luckily intervened.

Spokes person to the governor is yet to respond to enquiry on the matter as at press time.

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