Fresh from The Discourse Pot: June 12 dead- Bashir Tofa. MKO & The Burden of a Mandate… “Joe Eboigbe: In conclusion, I submit, if corruption is about our most recurrent national problem through the military and politicians, why should we celebrate anyone that benefited greatly from the problems and amassed so much wealth therefrom? Except, ofcourse someone (and I will not be shocked) tells me that MKO played no role to institutionalised corrupt practices in Nigeria. I am waiting to open another can of worms”

** Jun 8 Sat 07:41 **
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Good morning my people, its a wet saturday here.
Mojidee : Good morning house. I claim good health this morning in Jesus Name, Amen.

Kunle: Amen

Mojidee : What has Tofa said that is new? Is June 12 truly not dead? Back in the day, it was only the common man who actually faced the batons and the bullets. The elites all ran away and decided to waste saliva from abroad. When NADECO was going to make any impact at all, they were betrayed from within their ranks. At least a former house mate and NADECO member told us that much. What has been done to immortalise the name of Abiola? Nothing. When the President tried to do that by naming UNILAG after him, the same people who fill their pockets via the so called struggle, resisted it. OBJ another kinsman had the biggest opportunity of insttutionalising June 12 but he did not, he instead he placed May 29 above June 12. Guys who still talk about June 12 only pay lip service and all they do is line their pockets as they have always done!

Aboriginepro: Good morning, house! Abeg, excuse my ignorance of the facts surrounding June 12th. @Queen: asking you this because you are top of the journalistic creme. Please, I hear that June 12 was a scam in which Abiola was a willing participant. Do you know of this? Is it just a conspiracy theory?

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm

Mojidee : Abiola and Tofa were the worst candidates the govt could have bestowed a nation. To some extent the election was a sham. We had 26 credible democrats as presidential candidate but the wily IBB disqualified them and brought in the his friend Abiola and an unknown Tofa who he forced down our throats. Pundits have theorised that he wanted to continue rulling thru Abiola, others say he knew he would anul the elections and when he did that Abiola, being a bizman and a govt benefactor would not resist, people have also said that Abiola and IBB agreed to hold a sham of an election, I wouldn’t know if any of this is the truth. Fact is Nigs wanted IBB out and voted enmasse for Abiola, when the votes were too overwhelming and Abiola claiming victory, the vote counting was stopped and elections annulled! So tecnically speaking, the election was inconclusive!

Aboriginepro: Correct report!! I also heard that the “Tango with me” between Kola and Aisha was in “carry on” even after the annulment?? Na so?

Mojidee : I no hear that one o! Moreover I was heavily pregnant and in and out of hospital all thru d time. But I have told u what I know as a journalist.

Aboriginepro: : thank you so much, The Queen. I leave it there.

Mojidee : But June 12 is dead, why is anybody questioning that? The most significant test to that fact was the way the Yorubas resisted the re-naming of UNILAG after Abiola! If OAU could be named after Awo what was so wrong naming UNILAG after the man who paid d supreme sacrifice for the democracy we have today? Nigerians dey tire me. They remind me of the analogy of the Ketekete in Obey’s music!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: related development… FLASHBACK: Today in History; June 8,1998- Nigeria’s Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Sani Abacha died.O:)

Joe Eboigbe: May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Mojidee : Gentle soul?

AKEEM: @Queen, personally, naming UNILAG after Abiola is no way to immortalise him. Regarding OAU, Awolowo was the mastermind of the institution so it is befitting to have named it after him.

Mojidee : Why is it so wrong @Akeem?

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Morning Akeem. And what would u hv suggested d President do to immortalise him.

AKEEM: What has Abiola contributed to Unilag? I am not really a fan of Abiola and cant claim to know so much about him. He was a businessman who benefited from the government, slandered by Fela, contested an election and won but was annulled. Oxford University is still Oxford, Cambridge hasn’t changed its name. Even Shakespeare wasn’t honoured with a college! Nigerians should stop this immortality of a thing.

Matto: Good morning gov and all distinguished members of dis house. Happy wknd

Mojidee : Well said @Akeem, I am not a fan either as u must have realised from my earlier post, I was only reacting to last night’s discussions where some people felt Tofa was wrong by saying June 12 is dead. I was only trying to affirm that June 12 died because its proponents mainly paid lip service to it and that the Yorubas don’t really care!
I couldn’t care less if he is immortalised or not! My postulations are based on facts!

AKEEM: The Yorubas cld be treacherous, though, but Abiola’s antecedents didn’t help either.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Nice one @ Akeem. But d man @ least deserve some form of recognition for his role in what we enjoy today?

Matto: Mojidee is so passionate dis morning about june 12. Well I beg to disagree wit her. My take is june 12

AKEEM: What we enjoy?

Mojidee : The fact however is that the man was treated unfairly and paid the supreme sacrifice…for that I respect him and his unfulfilled mandate!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Ok, what we call democracy.:D

AKEEM: But for some people who had his back, Abiola might have chickened out.

Matto: June 12 has become a watershed in d history of dis country. That was d last election I voted

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: I disagree with u on ur last post Akeem. D man was adamant till death came! On d contrary, d pple close to him were begging him to drop d mandate!
And some even went ahead to take up appointments in d Shonekan’s transitional Govt.

AKEEM: He had earlier left, let’s forget the NADECO people and remember individuals like Gani who declared their hearts in the fight for the reinstatement of June 12
June 12 will only have its place in Nigeria’s histroy books and that should be its IMMORTALITY! No more, no less.
Mojidee : He did not chicken out. After he lost the mandate, he went to foreigners begging them to help him actualise the so called mandate, rather than stay home and build a forceful resistance. That’s where he went wrong. The Western powers shunned him and instead of remaining in exile or entering d bush to form an army, declared himself President and foolishly went to his house after he had committed treason! He was picked up by a single policeman and imprisoned. The resistance began after that. He underestimated his friend and undermined the state!

Matto: Nobody can change d fact dat it was d most peaceful and fairest election ever recorded in dis country. It is on record that Tofa was even floored in his ward

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: But gained respect from the masses that voted for him

AKEEM: I agree with what u said but I used chicken out because he left instead of staying back

Mojidee : Abiola deserves to be immortalised! He stood for something and for that purpose we have democracy today!

AKEEM: Maybe in another time, but not now

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Why not now?

Mojidee : For that reason, a common minority such as Jonathan is president, same way my son can become president! Yes Matto, still, d elections were inconclusive!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: I think d man deserves recognition and shld be immortalised By the Fed. Govt.

Matto: @ Moji I guess u are better this morning. See how ur thumbs are flying on the keyboard!

AKEEM: The controversies are still rife. His contemporaries are still around. It will be at a later time when a generation that sees him as an elder statesman assumes power

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: By contemporar(ies), you mean Obasanjo is still around abi?

AKEEM: 😀 yeah

Aboriginepro: I siddon dey look. 😉

Mojidee : Matto, am better but quite groggy! Obasanjo as a mascot of that struggle is a misnomer!

Aboriginepro: @Gov: My sentiments on June 12 are too set. I believe that the school of thought that says it was arangee is correct. I cried when Abiola died because, apart from the fact that I always felt that even if he was ‘rich-man’ as usual, he had earned my empathy by the amounts of non-compulsory humanitarian work he had done. So, getting to know some of the fact (or no facts) surrounding, I began to do a u-turn in my view of the Nigerian political space. To lend credence to the ‘rumours’, I recently came to the conclusion that the reason the elite class (who have the power) have abandoned the cause is because they know things that are general knowledge and so there is a fear that further agitation might be an ill wind that blows nobody any good!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Ill wind that would have blown majority of them away into d abyss. And rightfully so. T would hv changed d political complex for good.

Aboriginepro: But they don’t want that, do they!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Ofcourse not! And that’s why we are still where we are now

Joe Eboigbe: My dear Gov, I have been busy with some very novel and sensitive suit. I still insist on the peaceful rest of his gentle soul. On the immortalising Abiola, I have very strong reservation on his ethno acclaimed successes. While I pray his soul rest in peace too, I think he exit through the same route he rode to success. I humble opinion.

Aboriginepro: : I smile

Mojidee : How time changes things. Time was when advocating June 12 was the fad! What happened? Did people suddenly realise some hidden facts or has it been thus all the while?

CarnelianFOX®™²°¹3 ˡᶤᶬᶤᵗᵉᵈ ᵉᵈᶤᵗᶤᵒᶰ: Good morning house…hope we all slept well and looking forward to a great weekend…

Aboriginepro: Hidden facts, yes. Then, people thought “we do we seem to be more in the fight than the Abiola family?” Morning, Fox!
Joe Eboigbe: A diligent probe of his rise to stupendous wealth, and the revelation of the unknown perceived messiah, coupled with the knowledge of the true interest served or intended to be served with the June 12 saga, together with underpinning philosophy of the fight has watered the struggle; which struggle, I dare say was more of bruised ethnic ego that a quest for good governance and nationhood. My thoughts.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Morning Fox. Bruised ethnic ego? @ Joe.

Joe Eboigbe: Yes sir.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm… I thought d man won by landslide from all corners of d country. Surely, u will agree that d protest went as far as kano and sokoto. Only that Lagos was d hot bed

Joe Eboigbe: I have a massive collection of comments made by the “fighter” and it was all about this ethnic oppressive tendency and the “I no go gree” attitude of the perceived oppressed group. Even some brought in 1964 trial to further buttress their misconception.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Are u talking abt comments made by MKO during dat period on claiming his mandate or that d struggle was purely Yoruba in Nature?

Joe Eboigbe: Most, and those of his foot soldiers. Yes, I am.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm…

AKEEM: Yeah, at a point it almost became an ethnic thing that we hear people saying the Hausas are denying the Yorubas their turn to rule.
One thing that I really appreciated in it was the depth of ethnocentricism in the Nigerian political landscape it revealed.

Mojidee : Gbaam @Geo! And he went ahead to say if he wasn’t made president, Nigeria would be worse than Bosnia-Hezegovina! A man who said himself that only a mad man would face a moving train expected other people’s children to die for him. Abacha got my respect then and now for suppressing what was planned to be wanton destruction of property in Lagos!
However, he paid the supreme prize which urshered in today’s democracy and shifted power to the South! For that I respect his memory!

Joe Eboigbe: My dear Mojidee, a price is only supreme if knowingly paid. If Abiola had the faintest knowledge that death will befall him, trust me he would has absconded. There is nothing supreme about his death.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: whether he knew or not is beside d point. He died while fighting for d mandate. He had many opportunities to rescind. You can’t separate his death from d progress made after it towards d present democratic setting.

Joe Eboigbe: No. It was in compromise of the struggle that he died. A fighter will not be in the captivity of the “oppressed ” without a compromise. Look through history sir, if he wanted to fight he would have either succeed fighting or die in the course.

Mayo Ayilaran: @284c5cdb, people in struggle do not generally have option but to remain except they have only short term goals. He was not in it for the short term but for the long term – democracy! Remember he was granted bail which he rejected!
Abiola insistence cleared the scope for our Democracy no matter how faulty presently.
Good morning Gov and beautiful people in the house. All protocols reserved.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Good Morning Govy, and the Nobles. I am very upset with Akeem subtle denigration of the Status and achievement of a political icon. Why? Why are we like this? What has this man done to warrant this denigration from the Yorubas? The Yorubas were called cowards he proved everyone wrong. We major on his faults as if we are free from misdeeds and mistakes in life. I am very sorry for the present day Yoruba who has lost the traditional etiquette of the Yorubas. While other regions are learning to honor their elders and heroes, the yorubas are busy denigrating theirs its a pity. Akeem if you must know, apart from Awolowo, I do not see any Yoruba living or dead who can be regarded as a global icon in business, Politics, Sports, Academia and philanthropy.
If we truly want to know a Nigerian without shoes in his childhood it is Abiola
He sent himself to school, sold fire wood to educate himself at the age of 9. Played agidigbo music for food and later for money
He sponsored himself through Baptist High school where was the editor of the school magazine and Obj was his deputy

Joe Eboigbe: In conclusion, I submit, if corruption is about our most recurrent national problem through the military and politicians, why should we celebrate anyone that benefited greatly from the problems and amassed so much wealth therefrom? Except, ofcourse someone (and I will not be shocked) tells me that MKO played no role to institutionalised corrupt practices in Nigeria. I am waiting to open another can of worms

D DON…Truth has no colors: @Joe every Nigerian including you benefited from the military in a way,

Aboriginepro: I am still searching for the benefits that came to me. Oh, I have been robbed! Who stole my benefits??? =D

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: As for me, whatever way you want to justify your stance. Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola is the beacon of our new found democracy. He deserves the status of a matyre

D DON…Truth has no colors: Govy I am not happy this morning haba how can we rubbish the gallant effort of this iconic figure? This is why its difficult to die for Nigeria and as long as we refuse to appreciate our heroes, we can’t get anywhere. @Akeem, it will surprise you that all the names of Universities you mentioned were named after people pls go and find out

Joe Eboigbe: D Don, this not about me please. I am talking about institutionslised corruption. And note I did not benefit from it, I am as most Nigerians a victim of Military rule.

D DON…Truth has no colors: How can armed robbers masquarading as mordern day messaiahs sell you a dummy and you buy it. That my party didn’t want Jonathan to get any glory for naming re unilag does not make Jonathan’ actions wrong.
I am grateful to sincere Yorubas like Mayo who would tell the story as it was, Abiola is bigger than all of these rogues put together. I put it to you Barrister Joe, that you erred ab initio when you said you didn’t benefit from the military and I can prove that every Nigerian was and is a beneficiary of the Military, but that is a matter for a symposia in the near future.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Out of all d leaders this country has had, which one of them is clean or without blood on his hands?!

Joe Eboigbe: D Don, I shall wait until that future comes. In the meanwhile I enjoyed the discussion.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Today, I am here to prove that Abiola had a right to survive in the Northern contraption of a false nationhood and so by the functions of his employ at a point in history, did not have a choice than be part of the rot and his decision to become president was informed by his deep knowledge of the polity. It will surprise you to know that the decentralization policy of Nepa was Abiola’s brain child

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm

AKEEM: @D Don, am not denigrating Abiola. I was only expressing the opinion I had of him.

Joe Eboigbe: Capitalist imperialism @Gov.

D DON…Truth has no colors: But Akeem you are too young to know the person of Abiola (forgive my use of the word too young) Go and read Abiola’s road map to a prosperous Nigerian.

Joe Eboigbe: D Don, how much do you know of Hitler?
D DON: Its unfortunate that those who are in the forefront of kicking against the renaming of Unilag were all beneficiaries of Abiola’s fight to the end. And for your information, Abiola was advised by the same people who betrayed the cause to run away, until he was invited for the inauguration of Mandela, there and then he told himself if I die I die and came back. I am grateful that I was previlaged to be at Epetedo’s declaration. I am part of that his and I told my children and the young men in my area how Abiola fought to the last. @Joe I know so much about the mental case called Hitlar. Joe Eboigbe: And you were not too young to know abi?

D DON…Truth has no colors: There is no living who has funded Unilag as much as Abiola did, if you know please let me know

AKEEM: I agree with you @ D Don, but I maintain that Abiola is no saint. If people were to really exhume his past, we will see his flaws. His democratic adventure seem to be the only thing that lives to this day. We are still aware of the Palace Coup. What was his stance against Awolowo? He was a great man but I don’t really see him in that light of adoration. Whatever it was that made Babangida deny him the seat, well…

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: That’s true

D DON…Truth has no colors: @Ok Joe I give in there, but what I am telling Akeem is that most of his statements were a rehash of the propaganda of the Anti Abiola’s who are today enjoy where they did not sow. If they do not repent their children’s children will pay

AKEEM: Am not anti-Abiola, but one can learn to choose his heroes

D DON…Truth has no colors: Akeem I am a known Awoists who had learnt from the sage individually as a commandant of Awo Vanguard Movement. It will surprise you that Awo forgave Abiola before he died

AKEEM: Am just hearing this for the first time. But we still hear some rumblings from the HID camp.

D DON…Truth has no colors: And every man has “stench” in his past so let’s not go there. If I investigate you, I won’t be surprised what I will see. Even I as a pastor had a terrible past that Christ has forgiven but I am a new person now. If you keep judging with my past you will be in error of judgement

Aboriginepro: What was his stance against Awolowo!? Awolowo was, himself, no saint! Does dieing absolve one of their sins, no matter how bad?

D DON…Truth has no colors: And let’s face it what was even Abiola’s past that we are all screaming about? That he was involved in ITT? Oh pls read his history I am appealing to you, you will be proud to be a yoruba trust me.

AKEEM: @Pro, am not saying Awo was a saint. @D Don, I knew him to be a brilliant man. Am Yoruba and proud of it.

D DON…Truth has no colors: @Pro abeg you be my friend ooo don’t touch Awo I beg you.

Aboriginepro: 😀 that’s why I have been quiet. I no wan rock the boat.


D DON…Truth has no colors: Nobles of this assembly, let’s major on the high points of our national heroes, whether you agree with him or not. My Northern Hero remains Aminu Kano but I didn’t agree with his inability to align with Awo to rout NPC. But he remains a national Icon, how many of us talk about him today?

Aboriginepro: I am doing a TV series on our icons so that we do not forget

D DON…Truth has no colors: Oh God bless you!

Aboriginepro: Amen. Will start shoot soon
So we can stop reading mungo park discovered the river niger

D DON…Truth has no colors: Whatever I can contribute to it I will be glad to give a helping hand. We need to believe in people. Many of the foreign icons we eulogize today have terrible secrets in their cupboards. Mungo park was a sadist slave trader. Akeem: @D Don, thanks for the insight. MAYO AYILARAN: I often wonder when people search for saints among politicians! Even ordinary folks and religious men and women cannot lay claim to sainthood. The good book tells me that all human righteousness is like filthy rags! Abiola did well as a businessman and politician. He was never in government or office and hence cannot be rightly accused of institutionalising corruption. He is a political martyr by Nigerian standard if not world or African standard! Joe Eboigbe: OK, since you are mentioning “heroes ” my south west hero is Akintola whose achievements as premier was buried in his fight with Awo. History has not been fair to that man, particularly amongst his people. MAYO AYILARAN: @284ccdb, sorry I don’t get your I’d; Akintola did his best as a politician and his followers adore him. I as a person cherish his oratorial profundity and his contributions to Nigerian politics and governance are recognised and duly honoured. However among two or more gladiators one is usually recognised and acknowledged as a greater hero; that was what Awolowo is! Matto: D Don has made my day. Pls tell them that June 12 can not be wish away no matter how hard d antagonists try. D DON: This Akintola matter is drawing back painful memories in the old wield west, I was a boy but remembered my father an Akwa Ibom man, draw sword against any anti Awo element in Ibadan, it was bloody. You dare not look into my father’s eyes in those days in Ibadan. Years later at Park lane, I asked the sage some questions to confirm what my father told me then, I have not looked back since then. Akintola was an orator who colud speak several Nigerian languages. However he betrayed the cause of a better Nigeria because of Power. I insist Awo could have fixed Nigeria. Awo laid the foundation of what the south west has become. MAYO AYILARAN: D Don; aren’t we saying the same thing? No need to open old wounds!(y). D DON: o ndunmi ni. MAYO AYILARAN: 😀 =D. Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: *Shhhh* editing of today’s discussion in progress for The Discourse Pot! *Do Not Disturb**nerd* R E C E S S!!!

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