The Akwa Ibom Government recently Abolished the inhuman and barbaric culture of the Drinking Of Corpse Water By Widows in the state and the Housemates of LGR Current Affairs could not help but to have their own say in the matter. Excerpt: “Osamede: I told this house the other day about an itsekiri custom that subjects the dead to a “witchcraft test.” If the dead fails that test,he can never be buried,but will be dumped in the forest. This person was never accused of witchcraft while alive so he can put up a defence. Why wait till he is dead? We have a problem”…read all in The Discourse Pot…

From Group: LG…Rhythms..«xxiv»

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Good morning Nobles! Breakfast is Served!- “Widows will no longer drink bath-water of their dead husbands in A/Ibom”
…The custom allowing the seizure of deceased husbands properties and subjecting their widows to inhuman practices such as shaving of the head and making them drink the water used to bath their  husbands, among others, have now become illegal in Akwa Ibom State.
The state government, in a bill passed by the House of Assembly and signed by the governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, outlawed the custom which maltreat widows after the deaths of their husbands, declaring it as unlawful and inhuman”. Morning D Don, what do u have to say about the sour soup I served as breakfast topic?
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: My personal opinion, I think its a degrading and wicked practice!
Mojidee : Thank God these backward practices and gender discrimination/crimes against humanity are gradually being erased. One day soon, we shall overcome, we will have a woman president!

Aboriginepro: Hey, I have known of this practice for decades
: Abeg, dis practice is tradition

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: But why make women go tru such an ordeal. To prove what?
Mojidee : More women are getting good education and we are fighting for our rights. I am glad cos our daughters will take the stuggle to the level where there will be equal opportunities and fairness! And that is just the next generation! Am happy!

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: @Mojidee,Gbam!!!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: What sort of tradition is dat. Degrading a bereaved woman all in d name of what. Okay, if its d man that suddenly lost his wife, Is he subjected to d same inhuman treatment?

Mojidee : Where has tradition led us? Same tradition has led us to massive corruption, lying pastors, degrading practices etc! We sift what suits us, especially men and laden the weaker with tradition! Me, I don enter church! Will join u guys later!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm

Aboriginepro: Women should stop marrying into families that support the practice, marriage strike! If you dine with the devil, sometimes a long spoon won’t save you!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Are you told that is the practice when u are about to marry? Anyway, thank God the law makers in Akwa Ibom are bringing to an end in their state. I hope other parts of d SS and the East will follow

Nellyville: Good morning nobles. Govvy I greet. Big Sis MjD. I salute

Aboriginepro: If you need to marry, you should do your investigation

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: @Govy, when you are marrying them they tend to suffer from selective amnesia! Morning madam Nelly.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Morning Madam Nelly, happy sunday. You don read d topic for breakfast?
Gbam @ Bims! Dats why I asked Aborigine. Cos I know a friend who suffered from d devilish practice when she lost her husband

Nellyville: Funny enough its not only in that part alone. In Rivers n igbo land, its also practiced

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: She swore dat if she had known..

Aboriginepro: How can! Love is no longer blind, na! Investigate to be secure

Nellyville: I knew a lady taken to the forest with d dead hubby n she was there for 7days in rivers.

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: Ofcourse Govy, No sane woman would consent to such trado-malady before marriage, Na by force? They often leave such nonsense surprises until after you become one of them!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: I am telling you dat most of d victims knew nothing of d practice, if not they won’t venture. Moreova, who will pray to lose her spouse to sudden death and become a widow?

Aboriginepro: Abeg, I need to find victims.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Haah! @ Nelly. Can you imagine d trauma she must hv gone tru? Dis pple are simply wicked.

Aboriginepro: Docu in progress

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: I was thinking of d same thing right now!
And I have one authentic victim!

Aboriginepro: Hey, I got an idea

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: We’l discuss ur idea in private.;)

Aboriginepro: Okay

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: And after d woman ‘passed’ d test, it still doesn’t stop d close relatives frm pushing her out of her home o!

Aboriginepro: But when a woman says she went thru this
Nellyville: At least my Mum was asked not to wash her hand after food, u won’t bathe for some weeks, u get up early morning and cry forcefully ni oo. U must adorn one dress for some wks etc. This is tradition ooo, not necessary that u killed ur hubby.

Aboriginepro: Is she saying no one lost a husband in the family b4 her?

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: But its callous!

Osamede: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My sincere apologies for being inactive in the last few days,I have never been so busy. Not that I was missed anyway,but my apologies all the same.:p
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Its enough to loose a loved one and then u hv to go tru some dehumanising ritual so dat u can satisfy some people’s sadistic kicks all in d name of tradition

Aboriginepro: Is love blind?

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Osa! Happy sunday bro. Who told u that we didn’t miss you. Queen was itching to get across yesterday. @ Abo’ Why do continue to ask if love is blind sef?
What has love got to do with this?

Aboriginepro: We talk everyday of improving processes. Why should anyone marry into a culture they are not fully aware of?
I do not have patience for self inflicted agony

Nellyville: :Ha Govvy didn’t get the story till one early morning I heard my mum crying. I went out to console her alas I saw this old women surrounding her as she was meant to cry. So infectious I started crying too but asked them will this bring my Dad back? I now found a plan, instead of coke n malt to the oldies, I put Schnapp n Ogogoro. This women started sleeping while we now took care of our Mum. =))

Aboriginepro: For Real? For the older folks, a real pity.

Nellyville: @Aborigine Real ooo

Aboriginepro: Hot drink! Na wa!

Nellyville: The Oldies were happy for new drinks oo. As in d morning, u must serve them Tea n bread with Titus or Egg.

Aboriginepro: Sad, really. A friend of mine said it was the reason they embalmed their fathers corpse sharp-sharp. When the elders came, they told them that they comply on the condition that elders joined them in the choice of cocktail. Needless to say, they are in the search for a new village, banishment served.

Aboriginepro: The oldies are always willing to collect.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Can u imagine? Sadists

Osamede: A lot of our customary/cultural practices are most barbaric! A law wasn’t even needed to stop the practice,civilisation is enough. If the people are uncivilised,then even the law will not stop the practice. A woman that is subjected to such an inhuman treatment would have had several of her fundamental rights infringed upon which are already guaranteed protection under the constitution. Its not just about women being educated,its about enforcing your rights. When you are wronged,you not need literature to tell you that,you feel it. Its a good thing this law has now brought the issue to the front burner,I must also admit.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: But what would d woman do when children are involved? She just can’t simply walk away thereby alienating her kids from their late father’s roots?

Aboriginepro: Does it make sense that woman should do some research prior to “tieing the knot?” Am not refering to those who married in age of our mothers. This is still happening today to women not yet 40.

Osamede: A root that is full of rot is not worth associating with.
I tell you the truth,not every woman that loses her husband is subjected to that nonsense. “Head dey big pass konk”. That tradition cuts across a lot of tribes, but most times, it is invoked when the woman is suspected of having a hand in her husband’s death. Must we wait for every state to enact their own Law?the answer is NO. Your protection from such inhuman treatment is protected in the constitution and that document has a nationwide coverage.

Aboriginepro: Not like that

Osamede: I told this house the other day about an itsekiri custom that subjects the dead to a “witchcraft test.” If the dead fails that test,he can never be buried,but will be dumped in the forest. This person was never accused of witchcraft while alive so he can put up a defence. Why wait till he is dead? We have a problem.

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: That is the height of stupidity! Why did they not tackle the dead before death! Even if the person fails the test after death, what does it matter? They throw the person in the forest, they suffer the stench! Shikenan.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmmn..Africans think with their feet honestly. Subject d dead to a macabre witchcraft test. Nothing wey I no go hear. I mean seriously @ Osa?

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: Shame their brains don’t catch up!

Osamede: The problem with failing the test is that the family members are thus subjected to undeserved ridicule. They can’t hold their head up high in the community anymore.
Govy,this is serious o. I didn’t get to know until my father-in-law died a few months ago.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: And how do they know who ‘passed’ d test? Tru One shrine “manned” by a priest abi?
I am not doubting you, am just shocked
Osamede: This happens even right in the heart of warri,not just some waterside village.

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: Why should they care? From these information they need not be part of such rubbish community anyway!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: What kind of people are we?
And they will be d ones to say d younger generations don’t want to uphold their culture and tradition

Osamede: No matter who you are,the priest(s) must give you pass-mark like GEJ before you can be buried.

BIMADE….OLALEREMI!: Jobless lot with very weak or non existing foresight! Shame!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Very soon, as we say in waffi, issues go turn to matter for dem.

Osamede: An acquaintance of mine that lives in London, went to “bury” her mum just a few months ago. She was dumped in the forest because she failed the test.
People who knew the woman said she was a very good person.
She could only go now after 8yrs because the whole saga was just too painful for her and her siblings.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Personally, I won’t have anything to do with that village again. Simple. We no go say bcos we wan chop meat come dey call Cow Bros!

Osamede: Bros, no be village o, all itsekiris dey go thru the process if you want to be buried at home.
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: Hmmm…one day, we shall liberate our minds! Let’s rest the matter for now House.
Chief Daniel Ogbegie: Where are the Abuja people????????????????

Matto: Don HBD

Mojidee : Chf Dan oooo, we dey here o! Where are u right now! I still dey front of church sha, I know u and Govy go don set plans in motion!

Mojidee : Osa, I worry about u so tey, I fell asleep on the sofa last night! I worry o!:D
Osamede: Awww, my Queen,I’m touched.
Chief Daniel Ogbegie: =D Osamede, we all worried about you oh, in fact I worried more oh!!!

Matto: E be like say efery body in dis house like me and NEPa tanks folks I just return frm church. Gov, I remain loyal o.
** Jun 2 Sun 13:45 **
Matto: I ll send u somethin nice gov. No be bribe o
Is dis tradiction of a woman drinkin her dead husband bathe water stil being practiced in Naija. I don’t believe

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: You better believe @ Matto. And as for ur ‘somethin’, I no want o. Before u do me Faroukgate.

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