Navigating A Moral Universe


Ok, no more introductions, or weak displays of verbal gymnastics, let’s get to the heart of the matter. The root of the question, the final conundrum.  The causeless cause. The unvarnished, unsung, impersonal truth. “Morals”. Do they matter? I must pause here, flounder if you will:  shuffle awkwardly on the pavement. Grin in weak admission at the Bank Manager because, ‘ I do not know’. You heard it here first, ” I do not know”. “I’ve lived for a significant number of years , with a curriculum  vitae  less populated in triumphs than I would like,   but this is all I can say to myself about the question,    “I do not know”. You may answer as you wish but I am still exploring the pleasures of polite uncertainty with a bewilderment made more telling by passing time. That decent quiet honest man who lives in penury and hides his qualities from himself while mocked by the shallow beaming opportunist:…

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