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Housemates of LG CURRENT AFFAIRS are at it again. Much ado about a dead man’s final rites. In their usual manner, a hot debate erupted recently on why the immediate family of the deceased Icon should accept a government financed STATE BURIAL for the fallen literary giant, with full knowledge of his frosty relationship and verbal condemnation of the Government of the day. These are questions that may never find any conclusive answers. But the C.A house-chefs were nevertheless, very eager to add their inputs into THE DISCOURSE POT

** Apr 26 Thu 06:33 **

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Morning Sir Daylay,

Daylay: Hmm!! The way names dey change for this our house ehn, even Econet go bow for us. Good mng princess.

 Princess: It must be your phone sir!

Daylay: Queen sun, I recognise your presence. Probably @princess, If its happening to ‎​Me alone

 Princess: It may be a bb issue.
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Now, where is everybody?

Nellyville: Good morning honorable house mates. Govy n ma Queen ur recognised. @Princess, Daylay n angel eyes I salute. Pls who bears (angel eyes) oo.

The Queen : Good moning Daylay, Nellyville! Daylay na wao! Had to lighten d name burden by simplifying it.The rays of the sun preserve the pharoahs in the pyramids! Sun, signifies all that is bright and beautiful. It says, hope!!!

Daylay: All correct madam. Iyen nan nice

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Good morning peeps.peace be unto you all.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Present since 2am Govy, nobles I salute your republics

Yinka Bold: Una no dey sleep? Una Good day o

Angel Eyes!: Good Morning all! Trust you all had a good night rest. @Govy, Hope PHCN are still behaving themselves? @Queen, I saw your post…my eyes finally succumbed to nature about 5am hence I didn’t respond. It is well sis. @D Don, How are you this morning, I trust madam would soon be home….guess you won’t be present for night vigil tonight!:D it was nice having around earlier this morning

D DON…Truth has no colors: Angel thank you, she is due for discharge at about mid evening, but night vigil here is a must, except you were referring to the trickery used in modern day church to keep membership, nope I don’t do uninstructed night vigils friday to friday. I am not in that religious exercise, I only do things I hear in my spirit to do. For instance 2 cor 5: 17 – 21 defines our responsibility any other is churchianity

 Lady Gee  : Good morning all! D Don, here’s wishing your wife a speedy recovery Amen

Angel Eyes!: D DON, my night ref to night vigil is in house one ooo! Not gathering of you know what?

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @D Don HIS able hand remains your sure guide. My prayers and kind thoughts are yours my Egbon.

Chief Daniel Ogbegie: Wey dem? Where dem deeeyyyyyyyyy

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: May God bless our hustles today!

Yinka Bold: Quick Breakfast ‘Achebe:Family accepts government’s largess of State burial’. Irony?

English: Chinua Achebe speaking at Asbury Hall...

Osamede: Quite ironic indeed.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmm… Did the man give final warning to his family?

Yinka Bold: Irrelevant my Guv! I know the people I won’t accept anything from if my father dies. He has not told me anything but I know he prays for them:D

Osamede: He either didn’t make an effective use of his Will,or he chose not to be bitter in death,or the family decided not to comply fully with his last will and testament.

Yinka Bold: Hmmm

Osamede: Honestly,I personally thought he would specifically request not to be buried in Nigeria. He rejected this country,and the reasons why he did still linger.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: YB,You don talk am.Some. Children no be better children.U know where u father stood on the issue of this nation and u can’t continue the legacy??? Am sure some cheques av come in to the family.

The Queen :Abeg, the family want to sap out of the fame…at last! What a sigh of relief they must have felt that the stubborn patriot died at last. Now time to bask in his fame and roll in d murk of corruption!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Not even that he shldnt b buried in Nigeria.but can’t the family bury him? QC,U r too right! The children will take appointments now and eat the bread of sorrow.kai ! There u go,there’s no hope.I wld av thot the legacy will continue but alas.

Yinka Bold: Well, I knew they would accept even before it was announced. Guv, can u remember we had dis conversation or is ur Queen. Time to grab the headlines was d game for his family

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Ummmh!!!

 Princess: What a contamination!!!

Osamede: “No victor,no vanquished”

 Princess: Some children can be really not worth the name they bear! How can Chinua Achebe’s son treasure and protect his father’s name? Govt money, this is the beginning of their end. Things have really fallen apart and the centre can NEVER hold for them for doing this to that man.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If u even want to eat from the govt.tell them my father won’t want this.kindly respect his stance and it doesn’t affect what u will get later.they can use u for money laundering thereafter and put u in efcc cell to embarass u.but leave d man!

Yinka Bold: Accepting the largess makes a mockery of the man’s justified bitterness against injustice in Nigeria. Now his tormentors are in d same bed with him, messing up his corpse

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Osa u took dis off my mind “No victor,no vanquished”

Osamede: Except we get all the facts,we may not appreciate why the family took the path they have. The author may not have left any instructions forbidding this action.

 Princess: He didn’t have to @Osa. His son should have known his own father!

Osamede: Princess,I beg to disagree. His “war” may not be his family’s.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Eerrrm Osa,carry this ur lawyer behaviour comot here.A perfect example.Make tunde bakare children allow Obj/Gej to bury their papa.will u say bcos it wasn’t written in his testament?

Osamede: If it meant so much to him,he should have instructed them to that effect.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Wetin we dey talk now.its as bright as daylight.una can defend anything.

Osamede: For me,he shouldn’t have returned back home at all!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: X_X Osa stop am now.

Yinka Bold: Osa, it might have been subtly said use una sense o, take their money bury me and chop o:D

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Why shldnt he be returned home to be buried?. This is the land of his birth.

Osamede: That’s what I would have instructed. Wherever a man lays his hat is his home.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Are we talking about the same Chinua Achebe?. No I disagree!

Yinka Bold: The govt is the winner in this case.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: YB (y) and they will confer that MON on his post humous. to ridicle him

Osamede: I wouldn’t have come back,even in death.

 Princess: I know. But if they needed money or a state burial. It would have been better for them to ask the people to donate and come out en masse. That is better than this. If his war is different from that of his family, then let them bury him and afterwards run to the govt and contaminate themselves.

Osamede: Just imagine that.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If na Abacha regime they will ask his children to come forward and receive it @ a grand event to mock the family.and issue a cheque publicly.

Osamede: The family would never have been allowed to bury the icon on their own.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Why?!

Osamede: Because of who he was. Na publicity stunt for the govt. Yinka Bold: Hmmmm
Osamede: Dem put money for the children hand? These guys even want to make extra cheese with the old-man’s burial. Una go tire when u hear the amount budget.

 Princess: Gbam! @Oga Shuzi

Yinka Bold: Largess and Largesse same same, both correct.

Princess: X_X **

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @ Princess,omo jati jati:D

 Princess: YB, I was talking about jagba jagba

Yinka Bold: Transport from Yankee to Abuja- paid by govt, then lying in state at the National Assembly :/ then it will now be flown to Enugu where all the SE guvnors will gather. U know d drill, just like Ojukwu. Oh sorry my princess

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmm:D

Osamede: The family couldn’t afford that?

Yinka Bold: Well, I don’t know whether it is d celebration of a state burial that brought them to their knees

Osamede: The man will be turning in his casket as soon as he is laid in state in that House of thieves.

Yinka Bold: Definitely, money will be given

Osamede: This cannot be an honour. There are numerous universities where he could be laid in state,why the House of assembly?
I don’t get it.
Yinka Bold: I think we should pray for good children. Wait till they honour him at the assembly then u will pity his struggle

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Its a shame, really

Osamede: I never really understood his “struggle” anyway,and returning back home has made it even more confusing for me. this is my personal opinion.

Yinka Bold: I am with u on that Ose….

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr:Methinks Osa is just playing the devils advocate. To accept a govt sponsored burial for Achebe is to desecrate the sacred memory he elicits. If the family does so ipso facto they have elected to undo the great things he did. You cannot defend it anywhere, Chinua turned down their tainted National Honours and the family chooses to accept a National burial for Chinua by the same chichidodos he lampooned, sad. His name is CHINUALUMOGU (God fight for me) his God will fight for him against those who have elected to rubbish his legacy and his memory.

D DON…Truth has no colors: All protocols observed apologies Princess. I see this differently. First, what was Achebe’s grouse? Was it aginst OBJ, Jona or the Nigerian state? My conclusion is that the man was angry with Nigeria primarily because we lost the war. Without taking away his honour, the man simply leaved in the anger of the past. If he was truly pissed with Nigeria he ought to have renounced his citizenship of Nigeria. I don’t want to talk much about this because my people are usually emotive about issues concerning the war, that they sometimes direct their anger wrongly and either by an act of ommission or commission misrepresent facts. Secondly, his children are not obliged to fight their fathers war especially if they know him better than all of us. Thirdly, the federal govt is pursuing a stupid agenda I can’t place my hand on it.

Osamede: D Don, for me, I feel he indeed indirectly renounced his citizenship. The final act of Show of disgust for the state of affairs would have been to stay out of nigeria,even in death.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Gbam!!!

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @D Don it is not about sustaining their father’s wars, it is the man’s body damn it!!!!apologies for that outburst. They can elect to Okuperize with their own destinies BUT bloody give your Dad his honour by respecting his thoughts and life.
AKEEM: Good morning house, he has always dreamt of dying in Nigeria according to an interview I read. So, bringing him to be buried in Nigeria is spot on. That his children failed to uphold his integrity is damning! Achebe loves Nigeria, talks constantly of how things could be better. Its a pity that his children are making rags of his clothes of gold.

Nellyville: Easier said @All non of us here will be in the shoes of Achebes children that will not dance and grab the offer from govt. Please search urselves deep and stop this hypocrisy. That my father is your enemy does not mean I have to side him to hate you. Where is individual differences? My opinion pls. /:)

Agama: God bless u Nelly ** Apr 26 Fri 11:16 ** D DON…Truth has no colors: Dr your outburst is understandable, however Akeem answered some of my question. He wanted to be buried in Nigeria? But made scathing remarks about his country? Pleas spear me… As I said I don’t want to talk about the dead who has no way of responding. Suffice it to say, that the Achebe dialogue is too contradictory for my liking. I won’t comment about this Icon again. He has is low sides just any other Iconic figure of his status. My political mentor inclusive.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Nelly is that ur final answer:/

Yinka Bold: I think my opinion of Achebe is that he is overrated. My opinion o!!

BIMADE.: Good Morning House! Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Nelly it is not about sustaining their father’s wars, it is the man’s body damn it!!!!apologies for that outburst. They can elect to Okuperize with their own destinies BUT bloody give your Dad his honour by respecting his thoughts and life.

 Princess: @Nelly, I have searched myself and can confidently say that: 1. God will never allow me to find myself in the situation that the man’s children found themselves that made them accept this. 2. I have rejected appointments and money from the govt.

BIMADE.: Govy, queen I throway salute o! Hope you are having an exciting morning.

AKEEM: @YB, let’s give it to him for writing a book that has been translated into over 10 languages. He has been consistent in his art. I am sure we all know that his stay in America was due to the accident he had and chose to stay there because they offered him the medical support Nigeria cannot. Achebe deserves praises.

Yinka Bold: Lobatan…

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB the Senate of the State of New York sat for Chinua google their Resolution and see whether he was overrated.

BIMADE.: @YB, You say Achebe is over rated in your opinion! Is that a considered opinion or……:D

Osamede: His achievements are not in doubt,his patriotism is.

Agama: So if my father’s war was fighting let’s say breaking up nigeria into regions and everybody going their way, me too as son must follow blindly?

Nellyville: Am not requesting anyone to share my views but those in glass house should not throw stones. If am giving appointment today I will accept it and write my name in Gold. If am killed so be it. We cannot remain on the fence and criticise.

Yinka Bold: Akeem, I do not want to be drawn into that argument again but his book being translated into 10 languages is a major achievement for him but I disagree that the portrayal of the Igbo culture as barbaric and wicked. I do not want to over flog it but I stand by it, he is overrated

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Akeem the book was translated into 50 languages and sold 12m copies. Things Fall Apart is Africa’s ‘widest’ and most read literary work.

BIMADE.: @Dr, I read the article in question and I was proud as a Nigerian that he was highly respected.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: We r not different from lebanese pple in this final conclusion.U cannot get 3 lebanese pple to agree on one matter without divergent reasons for or against,hence their shouting culture,which is also why they all. Live abroad.*smh!
Yinka Bold: There is a proponent of Biafra in Ireland, he uses the civil war has an excuse to take money from govt here portraying the Igbo as slaves in Nigeria. Nobody challenges him becos it was his bread and butter. The guy has received loads of accolades and awards for fighting the cause of his people. I just dey laugh but one day at a conference, one question made mockery of his propaganda. What am saying in essence, the way u package ur lies or is it stories will make u an instant hero or villain

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Let us leave all the sentiments and look @ Chinua Achebe being alive and the govt is asking to do this,will he accept??? The answer is NO!!!

AKEEM: @ Oga Shuzi, u are RIGHT, sir.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Bimade God bless you, it brought tears off my eyes. Chinua was assessed in lights whose rays may blind YB.

Yinka Bold: Shuzi, sentiments will always taint our judgment. Achebe will never have agreed to it

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: And my darling Nelly,you can’t write ur name anywhere near bronze amongst thieves.It is. Contamination u seek.there’s no glass house let’s throw stones.

Yinka Bold: Blind? I will ignore ur inadequacies

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Thanks YB.

AKEEM: @Doc, thanks for the correction.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: So if I know my father won’t have agreed.even if I need the dough.I will stand my grounds on this one naaa! @least that’s my DNA abi dem dey change DNA?

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB speaking in metaphor. Hmmm but you amaze sha!!!I understand better, apologies if my manner of speaking got the better of you. 😀 ({}).

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Several schools all over Nigeria wld av buried achebe and even provide for the burial totally free of charge to the family.let’s tell ourselves the truth this is grandstanding and they have rubbished what the man stood for.and yes I will fight my “own” father’s battles,bcos am not a bastard!!!!

Yinka Bold: You seem not to get it! I am not faze by it at all but I smile when you try too much. Achebe stood for something no matter our differences, the family should have respected him instead of prostituting with his corpse.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB google Chinua Achebe and see if he is overrated. The New York called him the ‘founder and leader of African literature’.

Nellyville: @Shuzi that’s why we are held captives by those we term cabals. Oh I can’t be the only Saint, oh they will kill me, oh I must be corrupted and we become observers. Don’t cry for me agentina. But some pple of like minds will know there was one person that refused to be among the thieves. Human being are not static in nature. We are dynamic so no one can categorically read any mans mind based on antecedents. Achebe as a person should be the one to answer all this questions. He is dead and let him rest in peace. All he did is Vanity if his soul is not saved.

Agama: Your fathers battles are exactly what they are called “his”

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: *Senate.

Yinka Bold: Just like the Times named Omotola influential….

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Agama and his body ‘his’ and not urs to treat the way you want.

Yinka Bold: I do not even doubt Achebe’s achievements

Agama: You could be proud of them or distance from them depending on what they are but u can never fight his fight, it was his calling not urs… If the man left an express instruction not to be buried by d state then the family would have behaved like complete bastard to be allowing his wishes not to be fulfilled
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Agama,not in this instance.I am as angry about the state of this nation as the late what can make me release my father’s corpse to these cannibals.

 Princess: We register our disappointments and opinions in different ways when it comes to the dealings of the govt of Nigeria. I will reject their offers of appointment and their money. That is my own way. I don’t stand on the fence. Others ask/beg for it. That is their way.
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Nelly my sweet granny.we had a discussion on contamination this week.believe me u cannot shine amongst these just can’t! Re-Dora Akunyili.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB the Senate of the State of New York, read me pls not a magazine or paper. =D.
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: I don’t know what Dora’s private life or antecedence is.After the Nafdac achievement.she for go house go rest.but diamonds are a woman’s best friend….selah!
Osamede: Princess,just thinking,if the good guys turn down Service,how then do we get out of this quagmire we have found ourselves? *

The Queen : Guys the state wins all the time. Achebe lost. Simple!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Osa,you can’t be a lone voice in the wilderness.the bad guys are not what u think they are.the are far worse than what u think they are.they will murder u if ur gragra is too why don’t u stay away?

Agama: Listen lashoo

Osamede: Then the change we seek will never be attained.

Yinka Bold: Just like the National Assembly…. Politicians are dogs. Dr, I do not want to talk bout Achebe’s literary works or achievements.
Princess: @Osa, think about the ‘good’ that went in. If we are to change, we must change completely

Yinka Bold: You hv spoken well concerning the issue at hand

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: I had an uncle who served under Obj.He was asked to write his account number down.coming from the US he thot they wanted to pay allowances.he saw a fat sum one day and when he asked.they told him that’s his share.share for what? They said share…..the man ran away till he couldn’t return.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmmmn SHUZI KHAN!!! That’s a story for another day. Issorite, R E C E S S!!! {Gavel Down} *GBAM*!!!

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