I woke up to well over 150 unread pings on my BBM wishing, praying and invoking a great May for all. Nice one, I chuckled and beamed a hearty smile but my thinking cap wouldn’t let me be. Yes a new month is here, yes the felicity is right, yes hope is the last milk in the human breast, and yes what you wish yourself most times come true. BUT does the First Day of May not celebrate Labour, work, workers day? Does the 27th not Celebrate Children? And is the 29th not our so-called Democracy Day? The days and dates mentioned supra calls for three fundamental causes. The first is that we MAY hold out the dignity of hard-work and Labour, and eschew indolence and laziness. The second that we MAY work for a great future for our children which includes making leadership responsible and responsive to the people and indeed posterity, and not to adulate rulers whose policies undermine the morrow. And the third that we MAY make this civil rule truly democratic and people oriented as opposed to this loot oriented shenanigans. MAY we make the right choices this May. MAY our Faith in the God who says that he who sows must reap be sublime and sufficient for us this May. MAY the blessings HE promised those who care about Children be our lot this May. And MAY we rise up together this May to make governance live true to the preachments of democracy ditto a government of the people, for and by the people. MAY we cease to be wistful and miracles oriented for HE has given to us all that pertains to life and Godliness and commends us to diligence, dutiful care and dedication. MAY this May cause us to walk in deeper search of HIM who is faithful and true. So Mote It Be. Amen.-Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr. Join THE THIRD FORUM on and follow us on You can also reach us through BB PIN 33175219. Happy New Month.

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