945366_465656460184980_1473054840_nIT’S the classic cheating scenario caught on camera. The tale of a woman cheating on her husband, only to find him come home and catch the pair in the act while the lover makes a getaway.
This hilarious video shows a man wearing nothing but his pants attempt to climb out of a window while the couple have a blazing argument in full view of a gathering crowd.
The escapee had tied sheets round himself in an attempt to make it to the ground but gets caught when he sees the height he faces.
As crowds cheer and the couple continue to scream at each other, a fire engine turns up to supply the man with a mat to jump onto safely.
He makes his jump and furiously rants at the crowd for watching the whole spectacle – and his dignity – unravel.
That’s what you get if you play with fire!

Watch video here:

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Bus Preacher Beaten To Coma After Condoms Fell Out From his Bible

Mayhem broke out recently at Toyota Bus stop, in front of the popular Ladipo Spare parts market Lagos- Nigeria. The incident took place on sunday morning 26 May 2013, when a Bus Preacher was dragged out of a bus and beaten to a coma after Condoms allegedly fell out of his bible as he preached the ‘Word of God’.

The Pastor had embarked on his journey at Apapa and proceeded to preach to the people on the bus, using very strong words like “If you wear trouser you’ll go to hell! The Devil invented Make up! Weave on is from Marine Kingdom! If you have pre-marital sex you will burn in hell and your skin will peel!”

The people in the bus were so moved; some started falling under the annointing; says an eye witness:

“People were just falling as he was laying hands. It was amazing – until he raised his hands to cast demons out of one girl, and 2 Durex condoms fell out”

The angry men on the bus who had been having pangs of guilt due to the pastor’s preaching about sex suddenly got really angry and pounced on the pastor, who all of a sudden started shouting “I also preach safe sex! Safe sex is good!”

Too late.

Policemen had to intervene to save the pastor’s life. So far 2 arrests have been made, and the CONDOMS have been kept as evidence.

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Navigating A Moral Universe


Ok, no more introductions, or weak displays of verbal gymnastics, let’s get to the heart of the matter. The root of the question, the final conundrum.  The causeless cause. The unvarnished, unsung, impersonal truth. “Morals”. Do they matter? I must pause here, flounder if you will:  shuffle awkwardly on the pavement. Grin in weak admission at the Bank Manager because, ‘ I do not know’. You heard it here first, ” I do not know”. “I’ve lived for a significant number of years , with a curriculum  vitae  less populated in triumphs than I would like,   but this is all I can say to myself about the question,    “I do not know”. You may answer as you wish but I am still exploring the pleasures of polite uncertainty with a bewilderment made more telling by passing time. That decent quiet honest man who lives in penury and hides his qualities from himself while mocked by the shallow beaming opportunist:…

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Bursting Your Bubble

This story came to me after a conversation with my friend, Tolu Adeleru of Nigeria Info. NB: This is Fiction.

Friday – October 3, 2012.

Chudi was getting dressed. Today had been a day of mixed feelings. Two lists had come out at work, two very significant lists. The first was a 115man list, announcing disengagement of staff. The other, the promotion list had just fifty names. His name was on the latter, but a lot of his friends were on the former, hence he really couldn’t celebrate his promotion at work. He intended to celebrate it tonight however and had called up his guys Moody and Kess. Kess was the organizer, and he had promised three hot Unilag girls for the occasion. He linked up with them at New Hall in Unilag and his jaw nearly dropped. The girls were kum faya kum, as he liked to say. He quickly took charge of the one with the ukwu of life. Tonight was going to be the night men.

Minutes later, they were out of the Unilag gate and racing towards the new improved Road Runners. This was the first time he was going to the club since they had added the top floor to the building and men, it would seem half of Lagos was here. It took them a good fifteen minutes before the found a parking spot along the road. He still had to wait for Kess for another five minutes before they were set to go in. the bouncers hailed them as they went in and Chudi, feeling generous tonight  squeezed a thousand Naira bill into one of their hands and the moment they saw it, they three their hands in the air, stomping their feet in salute. Then the first explosion rocked from within. Then the gunshots began. That was the last thing he remembered.

Saturday – October 4

Boko Haram releases Youtube video, taking responsibility for the attack on Road Runners

On the news, the death toll is reported at fifty.

On the ground, two hundred people are dead.

Sunday – October 5

Deacon Lazarus Duncan was preparing to read the announcements. Pastor’s message today had been the usual Five Ps of Prayer types. Even though he, a deacon of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Surulere Baptist Church was bored with the message, since he sat on stage, he had to act the part of an attentive deacon. He had perfected the art of falling asleep while looking attentive, and relying on the cue of congregational responses to wake him up.

As he gathered his agbada to go and pick the microphone, he rehearsed the joke he would use as an icebreaker in his head. Today, it was going to be the one about Songs of Solomon he would use. The thought froze in his heard as the explosion occurred, and the flames raced towards him. Hell had come down into the church of God.

That afternoon, the reports were that Boko Haram had struck in coordinated attacks in four churches in Lagos – Surulere Baptist Church, The Latter Rain Assembly, The Redeemed Christian Church of God Christ Church and St. Dominics Catholic Church. Death toll at the time of the report was put at 1,250, with another 4,000 injured.

Sunday – October 4 – 6:00PM

Governor Fashola came on TV and condemned the attacks, calling on the police to fish out the perpetrators

Monday – October 5 – 8:00AM

President Goodluck Jonathan released a press statement, condemning the dastardly act and promising to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to book.

Monday – October 5 – 8:00AM

In Igbobi College Yaba – Notice on the school notice board

We, the true worshippers of the prophet warn you to stop attending the school of the great Satan, for we have declared Jihad on it. Be warned and stay in your houses. Abu Qaqa.

All over Shomolu Local Government Area, such notices were pasted on the school notice boards. Most of the pupils didn’t know how to find their way home. Pandemonium as the news filtered through twitter. But twitter is blocked in the offices of most of their parents. So they did not know. The police was overwhelmed with the number of schools and deployed sparsely, overstretched.

When Boko Haram struck, they came to four schools. Igbobi College Yaba. The police there were quickly overpowered and the militants were about to gain entry when they were engaged by soldiers from Mayon Barracks, directly opposite the school. In the firefight, 100students died. 25 Boko Haram Members were killed, and 5 soldiers lost their lives.

The other schools were not so lucky to be located near an army barracks. At the popular Our Lady of Apostles School, after a brief shootout, the policemen took to their heels. Their bullets had no effect on the fighters, and the fighters mowed them down. The girls were lined up, stripped and their necks slit brutally. 250 of them. It was the same story at Queens College, Yaba and CMS Grammar School.

The total death toll of this attack – 700students, 74teachers, 100policemen, 50Boko Haram fighters and 5soldiers.

Tuesday – October 6

Parents refuse to allow their children go to school all over Lagos. Teachers stay at home too and do not come to schools.

President Jonathan deploys Joint Task Force to Lagos, and roadblocks are set up all over the town, at virtually every major junction.

Wednesday – October 7 – 10PM.

Boko Haram fighters break into the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons and free the inmates, killing all the wardens and police in the process. No single Boko Haram Fighter lost his life in this attack.

Saturday – October 10

JFT and Police go on a joint operation into the Idi Araba area. They have received intelligence reports that many of the Boko Haram Fighters pose as Okada Riders by day.

After the fighting, 50 students at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital as well as 10 doctors are dead. JTF recovers a cache of weapons including AK-47s, RPGs and IEDs. 150 Boko Haram Members are arrested, and a leader of the sect is killed. Every news organization carries the news in a celebratory victory mood. Very few question the extent of collateral damage. Only the Okada riders see this. After the JTF leaves, Boko Haram members come in and recruit the survivors for an operation.

Wednesday – October 14 – 6:00AM

The Idi Araba riders who lost their families, homes and means of livelihood to the raid and now a part of Boko Haram returned to their community. They went straight to the houses of the four JTF informants, and killed every living thing in the houses.

Wednesday – October 14 – 7:15PM

A trailer has fallen across the 3rd Mainland Bridge and massive traffic has built up, from the big Star billboard all the way to Obalende. Tempers are flaring and horns are blaring. Suddenly, the trailer explodes, destroying the bridge at that point. The flames engulfed the row of five cars closest to it and several rows further, the glass from the mirrors and windscreen shattered and flew all over like shrapnel.

As soon as that signal was given, four other cars, in the traffic at different points exploded and the carnage was devastating.

Wednesday – October 14 – 10:30PM

Five container ladden trailers parked in front of Mayon Barracks. The area boys were following its movement, to know where it would park so that they could go and collect their “boys money” once they stopped finally.

Suddenly, the the container doors flew open and armed fighters jumped out of them and poured into the barracks. The soldiers were caught totally unawares and the militants were armed with sophisticated assault rifles and Rocket Propelled Grenades. They overran the barracks.

By the time JTF reinforcements arrived, they had killed 400Soldiers, their wives and their children. Then they herded the rest into the armory, from the officers down to the lowest recruit and then they blew themselves and everyone else up.

That night, Boko Haram released a video stating that they had exacted vengeance for their members killed in the Idi Araba raid by JTF.

After this incident, JTF went brutal on Lagosians.


 TL’s Note

I have painted the pictures above vividly, because I observed that we the Lagos based middle class cannot understand what life is in places like Maiduguri. I have not done a complete job, merely selected certain reported instances of Boko Haram hits and translated to Lagos settings and scaled up casualty figures for population differences. What I have done is to attempt to burst our bubble, and make this threat a real, living threat to us. WE NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM NOW, DEMAND THAT OUR LEADERS FACE IT WITH ALL SERIOUSNESS AND SOLVE THE PROBLEMS. This is what life is like for people in certain areas of this country, on a daily basis. I lived briefly in Yobe during my NYSC and visited Maiduguri. When I hear about the attacks, they are locations I once walked in, lived in and knew well. I worshipped in some of the churches hit in Damaturu. They are very real to me, and I can’t help but wonder if I would react differently and more seriously if I still lived there, unable to leave, unable to escape. Credit http:/

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 A 91-year-old man wants to stop his daughter from evicting him from the home he built 56 years ago in Zaleski, Ohio, a small community south of Columbus.

In 2004, John Potter and his wife, who has since died, gave the general power of attorney to his daughter for future matters if they declined in health, including to take care of her autistic adult brother, now 63.

But unbeknownst to Potter, his daughter Janice Cottrill eventually used that power to convey the deed to the one-story home to herself. In 2010, Potter said he learned of the deed transfer and switched power of attorney to his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, now 35.

Potter, a World War II veteran and retired train dispatcher for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, sued to get the home back, arguing that his daughter had transferred the deed to herself illegally because those with the power of attorney are not permitted to transfer assets to themselves from the estate they oversee.

Potter won in Vinton County Court, but an appeals court ruled last year that the statute of limitations of four years had passed on the accusation of breach of fiduciary duty and thus the deed could not be handed back to Potter.

Early this year, his daughter and her husband sent Potter an eviction notice, saying they had terminated his “existing lease.” An eviction hearing will take place on June 12, during which the judge will have no choice but to evict Potter, Fraley told ABC News.

When asked how he feels about being evicted by his daughter and son-in-law, Potter was at a loss for words.

“I just cannot believe my daughter would ever do anything like that to me,” he said.

Janice Cottrill declined to comment.

“The case is currently pending in the Vinton County Court and we will let the court decide the issues,” said Lorene Johnston, an attorney for Cottrill.

Fraley, a nurse who moved to Columbus, Ohio, from San Diego to be closer to her grandfather, said she has not been on pleasant terms with her mother and stepfather for the last two years or so, when she learned that they had tried to place her grandfather in a nursing home, she said.

Hoping to keep her grandfather in the home he built, Fraley started a campaign on, a crowd-fundraising site.

About the fundraiser, Potter said he is “a little bit embarrassed that I have to ask my fellow man for help” but he is grateful for others’ generosity and thinks it is “wonderful.”

While the home is not for sale, Fraley said other family members have told her and her attorney that her mother would allow him to stay in the home if enough money could be raised to buy it.

Fraley said she is planning to get an appraisal on the home, but so far, she has raised $42,134 from 1,781 people in the last month.

Potter, who mostly relies on his pension for income, is not paying rent to his daughter, said Timothy Gleeson, his attorney. Gleeson said Potter hasn’t been in a position to make an offer on the home yet because they do not yet have the money.

When asked if the funds could go toward rent on his home, Fraley said that is not a long-term solution that ensures her grandfather will stay in the home permanently.

“What would stop them from turning around and evicting him again?” she said of her mother and stepfather.

Another reason Potter and his attorney believe Cottrill would sell the home is she began selling parcels – about 14 acres in total — from a hunting property Potter had owned a few miles away from his home last year.

In trying to keep her grandfather in her home, Fraley said she is not motivated by anger toward her mother, but tries to focus on her love for her grandfather.

“People have commented that my mother is ‘evil’, but I always say she’s a human too,” she said.

Fraley said she hopes people will donate to her grandfather’s GoFundMe site so he can stay in the home for the rest of his life.

Potter turns 92 on May 23, and Fraley said she hopes she can give his home to him for his birthday.

“That’s his home. Do I think she deserves the money?” she said of her mother. “No, but my grandfather deserves to stay in his home as long as he possibly can. If he wants to leave, it should be his decision.”



One can safely contend that the after independence leadership that gave birth to and engineered our economy through  the famous groundnut pyramids in Kano, developed the cocoa industry in the west and energized the nation with coal in Eastern Nigeria, is long gone, creating a leadership vacuum which all forms of charlatans now fill by default. why is this so? Well, the reasons are not far fetched.

In our motherland, leadership is attained without long periods of tutelage. For years now, we have failed to school leaders identified in the traditions of the people, the culture that they must uphold, the religions and moral ethos that are implicated by social existence.

We have not taken great care to nurture leadership. Even where leaders were determined by heredity and lineage, care is not taken to ensure that the final product that inherits the mantel at the transition of the incumbent is well prepared for the challenge of leadership and commitment to society and the proper representation of the ancestors.This helped swelled the rank of misfits in the corridors of power. The important point being made is that save for a handful of individuals,  strong effort was clearly not made to identify and develop leadership at all levels of our polity at a young age. It is no wonder then to locate why the contemporary Nigerian state is decadent, innately corrupt, morally bankrupt, spiritually retrograde and culturally retrogressive.

Over time, shortsightedness of the political class has differentiated us on grounds of ethnic identities and state of origin, religious affiliations and political party lines. Today too, the clan system is tribally polarized and erupts into warfare periodically and this has become a daily occurrence with deadly violence breaking out even in regions hitherto seen to be peaceful  – more frequent as the resources for pillaging becomes more scarce and limited. This leadership crisis has within the last fifty-two years of Nigeria’s statehood successfully cloned two monstrous couple into its political and social life namely, contradiction and absurdity, which in turn gave birth to two sets of twins; indiscipline and lawlessness, as well as greed and corruption with its step children; graft, embezzlement, bribery, lack of accountability, inflation of contracts, gangsterism, political thuggery, advanced free fraud (419), armed robbery, ritual killing, political immaturity, religious bigotry,economic slavery and intellectual parochialism have completely taken over and governed the Nigerian State.
It is no contradiction to say then that the outlook for a honest, welfarist political leadership of any kind in Nigeria is poor. One recalls here the words of the celebrated Nigerian singer and political critic, Fela Anikulapo Kuti who, in one of his songs denouncing the perpetual interference by the military in civil affairs, said that in Nigeria a soldier goes and a soldier comes. What a sad reality.
What is indicated from the above is the fact that it takes an intellectual leap of faith for the oppressed to correctly diagnose the origin of their oppression.  This accounts for why aggression and anger of the larger segments of the populations are wrongly targeted. This is because the rulers have contrived to keep the populations under a “veil of ignorance”  both educationally and psychologically. While persons who steal a goat would be jailed for three years, other more “privileged” persons who steal hundreds of millions of public money or who cause the collapse of state institutions are given state honours at elaborate functions. Quoting a concerned author in a Blackberry discussion forum recently, ”Our present political leaders pee on their conscience the moment they come into office”.
 But all hope is not lost. we have a duty as citizens of this great underdeveloped and undermined people to effect the change we want.  We deserve  Change. It can only happen if we start to say NO loudly enough. Collectively.

THE ECHOES OF THE SHARING OF AFRICA still reverberates….”Ghadaffi was no different to the colonial masters towards his people! I went to Libya way before the crisis and I swore never to go back there cos of the level of abuse and oppression I witnessed! To think I later met 2 of his Sons in Abuja through the daughter of a former minister and the wealth and ostentatious life style exhibited even in Nigeria made me even more angry! We may accuse and blame the West from now till kingdom come, The west may have been the Architect of our Misfortunes, but we are the Engineers and builders!”….this topic formed The Discourse Pot in the LGR BB Current Affairs House this morning. Enjoy!

From Group: LG…Rhythms..«xxiv»

** May 11 Sat 10:16 **
Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: Good morning Esteemed House. I see the imprimatur, ambiance, umbrage and presence of Mr. President Dr. Ale in the House this morning gdmrng and welcome Sir. May the hopes and vision for a new and a better Nigeria one for which we here gather come true in Jesus name.

 Princess: Amen. If the people remain spectators till 2015, life in Nigeria would be unbearable.
All these politicians doing as they please is so irritating.
The Queen : Just received this. Thought to share it for whatever its worth. “In 1959, there was an airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various colleges merely aided by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be independent countries on the continent… The point or question is:
Is Africa really not America, Russia and China’s battleground? Do these aforementioned superpowers have a hand in the current crisis in Nigeria? Among those airlifted was Obama Snr!
. Princess: My Queen, I know a participant via one of the operatives.
There is a lot to this.
Olawale Dawodu: Hmmm

Princess: Please house, read all you can about what the west think of China’s activities in Africa.

Yinka Bold: Our crisis is self induced. Has no foreign conspiracy.

Olawale Dawodu: No entirely self induced bro
Yinka Bold: How?

 Princess: @YB, ignorance and greed, lack of self worth. If Africa is not careful, we will go into second colonialism, this time, sold by our leaders.

BIMADE.: Good Morning house,

 Princess: Thanks, my attorney. And same to you my dearest.

Yinka Bold: Self induced… we we we caused the crisis
 Princess: YB, I understand your statement, but we must understand the reality of things.

Yinka Bold: The reality is that no one puts hand in ur brain if you don’t permit it

 Princess: We, Africans would like to have good leadership. The good people we elect shall never have the support of the west and a typical African leader believes that he needs the support of the west.
Take Mugabe and Gaddafi for starters, they tried to put the west in their place, Lybians called on west, they killed Gaddafi and made Mugabe a monster!
What was Gaddafi’s real offence?

D DON…Truth has no colors: None at all

 Princess: He wanted all the gold that comes out of Africa to be refined in Africa and a bullion bank set up for it. Then there shall be central currency backed by the gold. Now, that would have made African extremely powerful. This scared the ‘shit’ out of the west. So he had to go.
They organised and supported opposition and made up reports.
Please people this is the FACT as the CIA has it.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Gaddafi, paid the youth and elderly monthly some social security fee, how many African countries have done that. The west is the architect and motivator of bad leadership in Africa.

Olawale Dawodu: Am beginning to see Princess in another light.

 Princess: What Africans do is follow what the western media say and kill our own people and our future
My Govvy, I have access. Thank God.
Now, what is Mugabe’s offence?
He wanted to avoid another south Africa! African’s land for Africans!

D DON…Truth has no colors: He refused to be cowed

Ib nab Fiberesima: Gdmorning Gov, and good Pple of this House. Pls for those in Abj I am lookin for a furnished duplex to rent for a Week , any contacts plsssssss

 Princess: The westerners there ran to their people and they again picked and empowered a fool to fight for ‘human right’! Which human and what right?

D DON…Truth has no colors: They play on tribal sentiments and use the weakest tribe to ferment trouble or impose them on majority. They sell confusion and anachy yet speak as the bastion of democracy

 Princess: Why cant they practice the same type of democracy in their countries?

Yinka Bold: ‘They’, why can’t u go and induce crisis in the west?

 Princess: YB, I understand your point, but please do not down play the role that ‘experience’ can play in this world. They have mastered this game and it is left for you and I – those who can see through them- to change things! We cannot blame ourselves forever. Action is what is needed!
Self-pity won’t help us. We can blame ourselves forever, but that will do not good.
All in all, Africa is developing at an alarming rate. It took the UK over 400 years to get to the stage that Africa is today, we must recognise this and use it to our advantage.

Olawale Dawodu: Hmmm

Yinka Bold: Princess, we are our greatest undoing… It will take a miracle

 Princess: We are the miracle my Govvy. ‘Only ourselves can free our minds’ – great Bob Marley. They appointed an African lady to bring Africans to the Hague, did they not? There is an international law against arms trade, correct? Which of the arms suppliers ever landed in that court? Can there be buyer if the supplier refuses to supply? If he who accepts bride is as guilty as he who accepts, how then can he who supplies arms be free and the buyer will termed a criminal and thrown in jail!

Olawale Dawodu: Yes o. Profound words
Princess: Those of us that studied history in Britain would agree that people had to do the unthinkable to rescue their nation from the rich and wicked people that controlled things here. Same has to happen in Africa!

BIMADE.: @Princess, that excuse does not fly anymore tho! The world as at when it took UK 400years and USA 2d0yrs is different from the world since 100years ago! Children as against before open their eyes as soon as they are born. My point being, Africa is not developing as fast as it should giving the level of changes and opportunities in the world! That victim mentality has suppressed our ability for so long. Excuses are spent now! The west is only able to manipulate and scheme as much as they do because we have the victim/lazy mentality! We seek for assistance in all things. Look for hands up hands down etc. You mentioned Mugabe, he may have shunned the West but to whose benefit? Ghadaffi was a better leader but we refer to him as better because we are used to dictators clothed in the garment of democracy! Hence DDon asked how many African leaders did what Ghadafi did. The is though, Ghadaffi was no different to the colonial masters towards his people! I went to Libya way before the crisis and I swore never to go back there cos of the level of abuse and oppression I witnessed! To think I later met 2 of his Sons in Abuja through the daughter of a former minister and the wealth and ostentatious life style exhibited even in Nigeria made me even more angry! We may accuse and blame the West from now till kingdom come, The west may have been the Architect of our Misfortunes, but we are the Engineers and builders!

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: Good morning Esteemed House, mi love unu more than Nkwobi and Ugba =D.
 Princess: @YB, again, I understand your grounds, but we must be realistic with these things!

Olawale Dawodu: Morning Doc

 Princess: 1960 till now makes Nigeria 52 years old. Yes, things are different now, but these different things happen in the west and then trickle down. Personally, I am done with excuses, I am done looking for miracles. I have found the miracle! WE ARE the miracle!

Chief Daniel Ogbegie: 🙂

BIMADE.: @Princess, Gbam!

Olawale Dawodu: True words Princess!!!

The Queen : Who are this we? The Nigerians who still keep living all to God and lives it all to prayers? The Nigerian who believes he is the servant and his leaders the masters? The Nigerian who says, rever him cos he is ur President?

Agama: That ugba ehn

 Princess: My Queen, yes, that same NIGERIAN. You see, it took some time and well executed plan and effort to get that Nigeria there. We must expect that it will take some time and effort to change that Nigerian. And a believe in the knowledge that we can. We have great opportunity. Same God has favoured us with technology. So, it is easier for us! Remember the ‘oga at the top’ case of a few weeks ago? That is a taste of the sort of power we have! All we need is to decide on how to use it.

The Queen : But things are sliding backwards fast! I can’t see any upward mobility!

 Princess: My Queen, please don’t look at it that way. We have to see the tomorrow we want and work for it. It is the only way forward. I tell you, the people that fought for Britain were faced with worse. But they persevered and succeeded. Even those who initially did not see the possibilities were won over within a short period of time.

The Queen : I am sorry I can’t see tomorrow, my gaze is hazy, the horizon is bleak!

 Princess: Then you have given up! And that would be tragic! You have done what they expect! What then would be the fate of the ones after us? It is our responsibility to ensure that they inherit better things – better world, better, environment, better life, etc. This is the duty we have and we must fail! Better to die trying!
It hurts a lot when I hear some African here say they are not interested in African affairs, some even vow never to return to Africa. Those in Africa want to run away and those outside know that it is not everyone that is living the ‘dream’. We must all love Africa enough to fight for her. We can give up. It will not be fair on our children.

The Queen : There u go talking about Africa, a continent still in d back waters of the universe. A people still grappling with backward beliefs in the supernatural, a people who have refused to find a place in d committee of nations, a continent which continues to consume without producing anything beyond food which they do not even care to preserve, a race that contributes almost nothing to mankind but greedily swallows everything d white man dishes on d plate, including his religion! Oh no, when I think of Africa what I see in my mind are images of greedy bastards who hold the people to ransom, people who have refused to take on their destiny, men unwilling to unshakle themselves, human beings who refuse to think!
We have to accept these and other rude facts, accept that we are lacking, before we can effect any kind of change
If we continue to live in denial and self deceit, our continent, nay, our country will remain one sick, crippled giant!

 Princess: Majority of Nigerians have accepted that things are not what they should be. That is the main reason for the quest for change. For you can seek change if you are happy where you are. I think one of the greatest difficulties is making people believe that ‘change’ is achievable.

The Queen : I really want to see change, I want a better Nigeria for my children. If I take them out of the country, they still have only one home, truthfully. But, the fact is the average Nigerian would rather pray than upset the status quo! The average Nigerian will like Abati wait his turn. Even the fiercest public analyst is a Reuben in d making, including many of us here. Its a crazy situation, its a no win! Take Nigeria away from the people, perhaps the people will desire true change. The Nigerian factor in us makes us who we are

 Princess: Yes, for any good thinking African, there is only one home – Africa! The ‘Reubens’ of Nigeria will only exist for as long as the condition permit them. Again, people spent time and effort to create these, it will take time and effort to ‘uncreate’ them. We have acknowledged the ills, it will cowardly to accept that we cannot change things.
And yes there are people here that have already sold out, just for a promise of a piece of the pie! But for me, the work is huge and maybe perilous but success is possible.
I have taken some time to look at the homes of those that have been in government for a while in Nigeria and have observed that even as Nigerians are too scared to fight for Nigeria, the gods are doing it. None of these people have kids that can become anything on their own. I believe that they know this and that is why they find it difficult to leave power. The only good person they can hand over is never their own!
Take a look at the homes of politicians from your state and you will see this. Govt money dealing with their children.

BIMADE.: So Apt queen!

 Princess: The situation is a sad one, no doubt. But we must start to seek solutions.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Ododo oro!!! Ummmmh!!! Truest truism…

Ladi® Good day all! I have been seeking a better understanding of the forthcoming LG leadership event. I’m struggling with the idea cos I thought going by the vibrancy of the debate in this forum as to the way fwd for the desired change for our country. Is another talking shop really the next thing?

Yinka Bold: Princess, I like your optimism but I am a realist and when I look at the situation in Nigeria, what I see is poverty winning the war. I see people suffering and this is the time to walk the talk

 Princess: Aha! Thank God YB. We are saying the same thing! We are both realistic and that is how we’ve come to know and accept that there is a problem.
Walking the talk is what we have just started i.e looking for solutions.

Yinka Bold:@Lado, I think you should study the essence of the talk shop. We are not giving up on the coming generation. Our generation has joined the rot and we must begin to talk bout the future of our Children. It is all about building a successor generation. It is about skills acquisition and how do we do this? We must bring it to the front burner by educating and enlightening our youths on the need of efficient and effective service. We must change the mind set of our people. Politics has to be service not an avenue to enrich

 Princess: Now I am happy.
Yinka Bold: I just do not agree that the West caused our crisis. We are crisis prone. We have no values

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Did u say Values???

Yinka Bold: Yap. No values
** May 12 Sun 14:43 **
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: U mentioned values and Nigerians in the same sentence??? That’s a felony.

Yinka Bold: If we had, we won’t compare who is a lesser evil:D

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: We that have some values are hiding it.we r infinitesimal compared to those who don’t.we r over powered and totally subdued. I am livid right now.

Yinka Bold: We just need to hv strong institutions. we just don’t get it

 Princess: That is what they have made of us! A people that take anything they dished out for us and still be looking for miracles.

Yinka Bold: We just need to strengthen our institutions
 Princess: And all these and more will continue to happen until we agree to reject it.

 Princess: YB, have you ever had a serious talk with students?

 Princess: These kids come out university knowing nothing!

Yinka Bold: Princess, that’s another pathetic story
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr: RECESS!

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An 11yr Old’s Dream For Nigeria

Map of Nigerian states, 27 August 1991 - .

Map of Nigerian states, 27 August 1991 – . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My dream for Nigeria is for a safe country. A country where there are no armed robbers, where one can safely walk around in the night; gather together with friends and family without being robbed: a great and corrupt-free Nigeria. Without corruption Nigeria would be a great country, where things will work.

My dream for Nigeria is a country of hardworking and honest people – where its leaders do not enrich themselves with public funds: I dream of a Nigeria where politicians are not greedy or steal the country’s money. I wish for a Nigeria where politics is not a moneymaking business. I want our politicians to love us and care for us. My dream is of a Nigeria where the leaders care about the citizens and have programmes for them. A Nigeria where the leaders are approachable and are not arrogant, nor disturb the citizens with their sirens! I dream of a Nigeria where leaders do not detain those who advise them truthfully.

My dream of Nigeria is a country where electricity supply is uninterrupted. A country where I can watch movies, iron clothes – without fear of electricity outages. I dream of a Nigeria where streets are well-lit; and thugs and thieves do not harass innocent people: I dream of a safe country.

My dream for Nigeria is to have a good transportation system. That is one of my dreams. A Nigeria with good roads, and good rail roads. A Nigeria where traveling is pleasurable and not dangerous: a country with good roads and fewer accidents – I dream of a nice train journey around the country.

My dream for Nigeria is where being ill is not a death sentence – A Nigeria where hospitals do not dispense fake drugs; a country where hospitals are not for the rich only but for the poor on the streets as well. I dream of a Nigeria where universities are not closed half of the year; where the public school system still works, and where the children of the rich go to the same schools as the children of the poor. A country where children of the rich do not go to schools abroad, because of lack of books and teachers in the local Universities. In our schools today students cheat to pass exams. I wish this stops – so, that Nigeria will be known as a country with a high standard of education.

My dream for Nigeria is for peace between all the religions – Christians loving their Muslim neighbours and vice-versa. A Nigeria where there are no religious riots, conflicts and hatred. I dream of a Nigeria where there is abundant food for everyone – beggars will not be on the streets and everyone is gainfully employed. I dream of a Nigeria that will be as developed as other countries like: United States of America, Great Britain, South Africa and Canada. These countries are beautiful, developed and that’s the reason we visit them.

My dream is for a Nigeria where Nigerians do not copy American music and behavior. For example there are some Nigerian groups like ‘Styl Plus’ who sound like Americans. That is why people buy them. I want people from other countries to copy Nigerians too. My dream is for a Nigeria where Nigerian actors are as well known as American actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise known all over the world. My dream is for our actors to be as well known and influence others. I dream of a Nigeria where the police is friendly – when on holiday in London, I noticed policemen were friendly and directed people the right way when they missed their way. But, in Nigeria – policemen stop cars to collect bribes.

My dream for Nigeria is for a strong and developed democracy.

I dream of a Nigeria where government provides better leisure facilities for citizens – in South Africa, there are lots of recreation centers, cinema, and lots of amusement parks where children play. But, in Nigeria all the spaces are used for houses. As a result the air is polluted.

And, my last dream for Nigeria is for its citizens to be proud of it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Onyi Anyadiegwu, 11 contributed this piece while still a student at the Green Springs School, Anthony Village, Lagos


From Group: LG…Rhythms..«xxiv»

Housemates of LG CURRENT AFFAIRS are at it again. Much ado about a dead man’s final rites. In their usual manner, a hot debate erupted recently on why the immediate family of the deceased Icon should accept a government financed STATE BURIAL for the fallen literary giant, with full knowledge of his frosty relationship and verbal condemnation of the Government of the day. These are questions that may never find any conclusive answers. But the C.A house-chefs were nevertheless, very eager to add their inputs into THE DISCOURSE POT

** Apr 26 Thu 06:33 **

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Morning Sir Daylay,

Daylay: Hmm!! The way names dey change for this our house ehn, even Econet go bow for us. Good mng princess.

 Princess: It must be your phone sir!

Daylay: Queen sun, I recognise your presence. Probably @princess, If its happening to ‎​Me alone

 Princess: It may be a bb issue.
Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Now, where is everybody?

Nellyville: Good morning honorable house mates. Govy n ma Queen ur recognised. @Princess, Daylay n angel eyes I salute. Pls who bears (angel eyes) oo.

The Queen : Good moning Daylay, Nellyville! Daylay na wao! Had to lighten d name burden by simplifying it.The rays of the sun preserve the pharoahs in the pyramids! Sun, signifies all that is bright and beautiful. It says, hope!!!

Daylay: All correct madam. Iyen nan nice

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Good morning peeps.peace be unto you all.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Present since 2am Govy, nobles I salute your republics

Yinka Bold: Una no dey sleep? Una Good day o

Angel Eyes!: Good Morning all! Trust you all had a good night rest. @Govy, Hope PHCN are still behaving themselves? @Queen, I saw your post…my eyes finally succumbed to nature about 5am hence I didn’t respond. It is well sis. @D Don, How are you this morning, I trust madam would soon be home….guess you won’t be present for night vigil tonight!:D it was nice having around earlier this morning

D DON…Truth has no colors: Angel thank you, she is due for discharge at about mid evening, but night vigil here is a must, except you were referring to the trickery used in modern day church to keep membership, nope I don’t do uninstructed night vigils friday to friday. I am not in that religious exercise, I only do things I hear in my spirit to do. For instance 2 cor 5: 17 – 21 defines our responsibility any other is churchianity

 Lady Gee  : Good morning all! D Don, here’s wishing your wife a speedy recovery Amen

Angel Eyes!: D DON, my night ref to night vigil is in house one ooo! Not gathering of you know what?

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @D Don HIS able hand remains your sure guide. My prayers and kind thoughts are yours my Egbon.

Chief Daniel Ogbegie: Wey dem? Where dem deeeyyyyyyyyy

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: May God bless our hustles today!

Yinka Bold: Quick Breakfast ‘Achebe:Family accepts government’s largess of State burial’. Irony?

English: Chinua Achebe speaking at Asbury Hall...

Osamede: Quite ironic indeed.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmm… Did the man give final warning to his family?

Yinka Bold: Irrelevant my Guv! I know the people I won’t accept anything from if my father dies. He has not told me anything but I know he prays for them:D

Osamede: He either didn’t make an effective use of his Will,or he chose not to be bitter in death,or the family decided not to comply fully with his last will and testament.

Yinka Bold: Hmmm

Osamede: Honestly,I personally thought he would specifically request not to be buried in Nigeria. He rejected this country,and the reasons why he did still linger.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: YB,You don talk am.Some. Children no be better children.U know where u father stood on the issue of this nation and u can’t continue the legacy??? Am sure some cheques av come in to the family.

The Queen :Abeg, the family want to sap out of the fame…at last! What a sigh of relief they must have felt that the stubborn patriot died at last. Now time to bask in his fame and roll in d murk of corruption!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Not even that he shldnt b buried in Nigeria.but can’t the family bury him? QC,U r too right! The children will take appointments now and eat the bread of sorrow.kai ! There u go,there’s no hope.I wld av thot the legacy will continue but alas.

Yinka Bold: Well, I knew they would accept even before it was announced. Guv, can u remember we had dis conversation or is ur Queen. Time to grab the headlines was d game for his family

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Ummmh!!!

 Princess: What a contamination!!!

Osamede: “No victor,no vanquished”

 Princess: Some children can be really not worth the name they bear! How can Chinua Achebe’s son treasure and protect his father’s name? Govt money, this is the beginning of their end. Things have really fallen apart and the centre can NEVER hold for them for doing this to that man.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If u even want to eat from the govt.tell them my father won’t want this.kindly respect his stance and it doesn’t affect what u will get later.they can use u for money laundering thereafter and put u in efcc cell to embarass u.but leave d man!

Yinka Bold: Accepting the largess makes a mockery of the man’s justified bitterness against injustice in Nigeria. Now his tormentors are in d same bed with him, messing up his corpse

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Osa u took dis off my mind “No victor,no vanquished”

Osamede: Except we get all the facts,we may not appreciate why the family took the path they have. The author may not have left any instructions forbidding this action.

 Princess: He didn’t have to @Osa. His son should have known his own father!

Osamede: Princess,I beg to disagree. His “war” may not be his family’s.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Eerrrm Osa,carry this ur lawyer behaviour comot here.A perfect example.Make tunde bakare children allow Obj/Gej to bury their papa.will u say bcos it wasn’t written in his testament?

Osamede: If it meant so much to him,he should have instructed them to that effect.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Wetin we dey talk now.its as bright as daylight.una can defend anything.

Osamede: For me,he shouldn’t have returned back home at all!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: X_X Osa stop am now.

Yinka Bold: Osa, it might have been subtly said use una sense o, take their money bury me and chop o:D

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Why shldnt he be returned home to be buried?. This is the land of his birth.

Osamede: That’s what I would have instructed. Wherever a man lays his hat is his home.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Are we talking about the same Chinua Achebe?. No I disagree!

Yinka Bold: The govt is the winner in this case.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: YB (y) and they will confer that MON on his post humous. to ridicle him

Osamede: I wouldn’t have come back,even in death.

 Princess: I know. But if they needed money or a state burial. It would have been better for them to ask the people to donate and come out en masse. That is better than this. If his war is different from that of his family, then let them bury him and afterwards run to the govt and contaminate themselves.

Osamede: Just imagine that.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If na Abacha regime they will ask his children to come forward and receive it @ a grand event to mock the family.and issue a cheque publicly.

Osamede: The family would never have been allowed to bury the icon on their own.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Why?!

Osamede: Because of who he was. Na publicity stunt for the govt. Yinka Bold: Hmmmm
Osamede: Dem put money for the children hand? These guys even want to make extra cheese with the old-man’s burial. Una go tire when u hear the amount budget.

 Princess: Gbam! @Oga Shuzi

Yinka Bold: Largess and Largesse same same, both correct.

Princess: X_X **

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @ Princess,omo jati jati:D

 Princess: YB, I was talking about jagba jagba

Yinka Bold: Transport from Yankee to Abuja- paid by govt, then lying in state at the National Assembly :/ then it will now be flown to Enugu where all the SE guvnors will gather. U know d drill, just like Ojukwu. Oh sorry my princess

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmm:D

Osamede: The family couldn’t afford that?

Yinka Bold: Well, I don’t know whether it is d celebration of a state burial that brought them to their knees

Osamede: The man will be turning in his casket as soon as he is laid in state in that House of thieves.

Yinka Bold: Definitely, money will be given

Osamede: This cannot be an honour. There are numerous universities where he could be laid in state,why the House of assembly?
I don’t get it.
Yinka Bold: I think we should pray for good children. Wait till they honour him at the assembly then u will pity his struggle

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Its a shame, really

Osamede: I never really understood his “struggle” anyway,and returning back home has made it even more confusing for me. this is my personal opinion.

Yinka Bold: I am with u on that Ose….

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr:Methinks Osa is just playing the devils advocate. To accept a govt sponsored burial for Achebe is to desecrate the sacred memory he elicits. If the family does so ipso facto they have elected to undo the great things he did. You cannot defend it anywhere, Chinua turned down their tainted National Honours and the family chooses to accept a National burial for Chinua by the same chichidodos he lampooned, sad. His name is CHINUALUMOGU (God fight for me) his God will fight for him against those who have elected to rubbish his legacy and his memory.

D DON…Truth has no colors: All protocols observed apologies Princess. I see this differently. First, what was Achebe’s grouse? Was it aginst OBJ, Jona or the Nigerian state? My conclusion is that the man was angry with Nigeria primarily because we lost the war. Without taking away his honour, the man simply leaved in the anger of the past. If he was truly pissed with Nigeria he ought to have renounced his citizenship of Nigeria. I don’t want to talk much about this because my people are usually emotive about issues concerning the war, that they sometimes direct their anger wrongly and either by an act of ommission or commission misrepresent facts. Secondly, his children are not obliged to fight their fathers war especially if they know him better than all of us. Thirdly, the federal govt is pursuing a stupid agenda I can’t place my hand on it.

Osamede: D Don, for me, I feel he indeed indirectly renounced his citizenship. The final act of Show of disgust for the state of affairs would have been to stay out of nigeria,even in death.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Gbam!!!

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @D Don it is not about sustaining their father’s wars, it is the man’s body damn it!!!!apologies for that outburst. They can elect to Okuperize with their own destinies BUT bloody give your Dad his honour by respecting his thoughts and life.
AKEEM: Good morning house, he has always dreamt of dying in Nigeria according to an interview I read. So, bringing him to be buried in Nigeria is spot on. That his children failed to uphold his integrity is damning! Achebe loves Nigeria, talks constantly of how things could be better. Its a pity that his children are making rags of his clothes of gold.

Nellyville: Easier said @All non of us here will be in the shoes of Achebes children that will not dance and grab the offer from govt. Please search urselves deep and stop this hypocrisy. That my father is your enemy does not mean I have to side him to hate you. Where is individual differences? My opinion pls. /:)

Agama: God bless u Nelly ** Apr 26 Fri 11:16 ** D DON…Truth has no colors: Dr your outburst is understandable, however Akeem answered some of my question. He wanted to be buried in Nigeria? But made scathing remarks about his country? Pleas spear me… As I said I don’t want to talk about the dead who has no way of responding. Suffice it to say, that the Achebe dialogue is too contradictory for my liking. I won’t comment about this Icon again. He has is low sides just any other Iconic figure of his status. My political mentor inclusive.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Nelly is that ur final answer:/

Yinka Bold: I think my opinion of Achebe is that he is overrated. My opinion o!!

BIMADE.: Good Morning House! Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Nelly it is not about sustaining their father’s wars, it is the man’s body damn it!!!!apologies for that outburst. They can elect to Okuperize with their own destinies BUT bloody give your Dad his honour by respecting his thoughts and life.

 Princess: @Nelly, I have searched myself and can confidently say that: 1. God will never allow me to find myself in the situation that the man’s children found themselves that made them accept this. 2. I have rejected appointments and money from the govt.

BIMADE.: Govy, queen I throway salute o! Hope you are having an exciting morning.

AKEEM: @YB, let’s give it to him for writing a book that has been translated into over 10 languages. He has been consistent in his art. I am sure we all know that his stay in America was due to the accident he had and chose to stay there because they offered him the medical support Nigeria cannot. Achebe deserves praises.

Yinka Bold: Lobatan…

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB the Senate of the State of New York sat for Chinua google their Resolution and see whether he was overrated.

BIMADE.: @YB, You say Achebe is over rated in your opinion! Is that a considered opinion or……:D

Osamede: His achievements are not in doubt,his patriotism is.

Agama: So if my father’s war was fighting let’s say breaking up nigeria into regions and everybody going their way, me too as son must follow blindly?

Nellyville: Am not requesting anyone to share my views but those in glass house should not throw stones. If am giving appointment today I will accept it and write my name in Gold. If am killed so be it. We cannot remain on the fence and criticise.

Yinka Bold: Akeem, I do not want to be drawn into that argument again but his book being translated into 10 languages is a major achievement for him but I disagree that the portrayal of the Igbo culture as barbaric and wicked. I do not want to over flog it but I stand by it, he is overrated

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Akeem the book was translated into 50 languages and sold 12m copies. Things Fall Apart is Africa’s ‘widest’ and most read literary work.

BIMADE.: @Dr, I read the article in question and I was proud as a Nigerian that he was highly respected.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: We r not different from lebanese pple in this final conclusion.U cannot get 3 lebanese pple to agree on one matter without divergent reasons for or against,hence their shouting culture,which is also why they all. Live abroad.*smh!
Yinka Bold: There is a proponent of Biafra in Ireland, he uses the civil war has an excuse to take money from govt here portraying the Igbo as slaves in Nigeria. Nobody challenges him becos it was his bread and butter. The guy has received loads of accolades and awards for fighting the cause of his people. I just dey laugh but one day at a conference, one question made mockery of his propaganda. What am saying in essence, the way u package ur lies or is it stories will make u an instant hero or villain

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Let us leave all the sentiments and look @ Chinua Achebe being alive and the govt is asking to do this,will he accept??? The answer is NO!!!

AKEEM: @ Oga Shuzi, u are RIGHT, sir.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Bimade God bless you, it brought tears off my eyes. Chinua was assessed in lights whose rays may blind YB.

Yinka Bold: Shuzi, sentiments will always taint our judgment. Achebe will never have agreed to it

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: And my darling Nelly,you can’t write ur name anywhere near bronze amongst thieves.It is. Contamination u seek.there’s no glass house let’s throw stones.

Yinka Bold: Blind? I will ignore ur inadequacies

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Thanks YB.

AKEEM: @Doc, thanks for the correction.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: So if I know my father won’t have agreed.even if I need the dough.I will stand my grounds on this one naaa! @least that’s my DNA abi dem dey change DNA?

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB speaking in metaphor. Hmmm but you amaze sha!!!I understand better, apologies if my manner of speaking got the better of you. 😀 ({}).

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Several schools all over Nigeria wld av buried achebe and even provide for the burial totally free of charge to the family.let’s tell ourselves the truth this is grandstanding and they have rubbished what the man stood for.and yes I will fight my “own” father’s battles,bcos am not a bastard!!!!

Yinka Bold: You seem not to get it! I am not faze by it at all but I smile when you try too much. Achebe stood for something no matter our differences, the family should have respected him instead of prostituting with his corpse.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB google Chinua Achebe and see if he is overrated. The New York called him the ‘founder and leader of African literature’.

Nellyville: @Shuzi that’s why we are held captives by those we term cabals. Oh I can’t be the only Saint, oh they will kill me, oh I must be corrupted and we become observers. Don’t cry for me agentina. But some pple of like minds will know there was one person that refused to be among the thieves. Human being are not static in nature. We are dynamic so no one can categorically read any mans mind based on antecedents. Achebe as a person should be the one to answer all this questions. He is dead and let him rest in peace. All he did is Vanity if his soul is not saved.

Agama: Your fathers battles are exactly what they are called “his”

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: *Senate.

Yinka Bold: Just like the Times named Omotola influential….

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @Agama and his body ‘his’ and not urs to treat the way you want.

Yinka Bold: I do not even doubt Achebe’s achievements

Agama: You could be proud of them or distance from them depending on what they are but u can never fight his fight, it was his calling not urs… If the man left an express instruction not to be buried by d state then the family would have behaved like complete bastard to be allowing his wishes not to be fulfilled
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Agama,not in this instance.I am as angry about the state of this nation as the late what can make me release my father’s corpse to these cannibals.

 Princess: We register our disappointments and opinions in different ways when it comes to the dealings of the govt of Nigeria. I will reject their offers of appointment and their money. That is my own way. I don’t stand on the fence. Others ask/beg for it. That is their way.
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Nelly my sweet granny.we had a discussion on contamination this week.believe me u cannot shine amongst these just can’t! Re-Dora Akunyili.

Dr.ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr/Chris Nwaokobia Jnr: @YB the Senate of the State of New York, read me pls not a magazine or paper. =D.
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: I don’t know what Dora’s private life or antecedence is.After the Nafdac achievement.she for go house go rest.but diamonds are a woman’s best friend….selah!
Osamede: Princess,just thinking,if the good guys turn down Service,how then do we get out of this quagmire we have found ourselves? *

The Queen : Guys the state wins all the time. Achebe lost. Simple!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Osa,you can’t be a lone voice in the wilderness.the bad guys are not what u think they are.the are far worse than what u think they are.they will murder u if ur gragra is too why don’t u stay away?

Agama: Listen lashoo

Osamede: Then the change we seek will never be attained.

Yinka Bold: Just like the National Assembly…. Politicians are dogs. Dr, I do not want to talk bout Achebe’s literary works or achievements.
Princess: @Osa, think about the ‘good’ that went in. If we are to change, we must change completely

Yinka Bold: You hv spoken well concerning the issue at hand

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: I had an uncle who served under Obj.He was asked to write his account number down.coming from the US he thot they wanted to pay allowances.he saw a fat sum one day and when he asked.they told him that’s his share.share for what? They said share…..the man ran away till he couldn’t return.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmmmn SHUZI KHAN!!! That’s a story for another day. Issorite, R E C E S S!!! {Gavel Down} *GBAM*!!!