Looking for Nigeria

A few years back, I wrote a piece on the situation we have found ourselves. I was compelled to put my thoughts down as I could not take it anymore. Everything and anything near good governance cascaded down all around me. I concluded then and still believe as you read this that I must have been drugged and taken to another country with same name. I demanded in that piece that I wanted to go back to NIGERIA! I refuse to believe I am still in my Country. The one that I grew up in. Its all a very sad, cruel machination of some people envious of the sane, good life I had in my Country. Where am I? This place is a depressant!. I am agitated this morning, I am discomforted, I feel like starting a revolution. Anything that will get me back to my Country by any means. I demand to go back home. Even if it means getting a visa back. Take me back to the NIGERIA of my dreams! The Nigeria I knew!

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