Thoughts of a Seeker..LOVE LIKE NO OTHER II.

Billions of people all over the world are worshipping across sects and denominations today. Billions are desirous of better lives for themselves regardless of the constraints that makes their neighbours cry. Billions call upon a God they do not see forgetting that Jesus put a lie to their religion when HE admonished that ‘you cannot say you love the God that you do not see when you cannot show love to the man/brother you see’. Friends, modern penticostalism justapoxed with the teachings of Christ, the Apostles and the custodians of the early Church is a fundamental departure from the TRUTH. God is LOVE and any gospel, message, sect, order and or religion that is not predicated on TRUE and SELFLESS LOVE is Godless. Today we have a Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis the head of close to 2billion Catholics who yet rides in a bus, showing Christian humility and immense love for the poor, on the converse side we have Private Jets owning and Bentley and Rolls Royce driving Penticostal evangelicals whose flock are populated by the poor and the homeless, they give stipends to charity and build schools the poor cannot afford. They grandstand preaching that their ‘God’ is not a poor ‘God’ except their god is mammon was Paul’s, John’s, Peter’s and the God of the Early Church a poor God? Egocentric, banal, profane, greedy and conceited men hover all over the place as men of ‘god’ deceiving the hapless, the greedy and the unenlightened, and all you hear them ask is ‘who are you to judge’? Did Paul not say in the scriptures that the spiritual man judges all things? Is the Bible not the template of the Christian faith? My heart goes out in pity to the gullible followers of the men of mammon masquerading as men of God, men who court the oppressors of the people, men who allow insensitive rulers to mount their Pulpits and inaugurate so-called houses of ‘God’ sad!! TO BE CONTD.- Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr.

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