From The Discourse LGR Current Affairs BB House. Cooked by professionals from all works of life, creative and brilliant men and women who have come together to profer a solution to the Nigerian problem.” TOPIC: With the amount of deaths from boko haram surpassing the 4000 mark, (much more than the IRA insurrection) of many years and the destruction of national assets by niger delta groups going into trillions in naira and billions of dollars, are there still any in doubt that infact force and violence is the only viable option to abate these destructive trends? Read the often heated contributions from the C.A Forum here..

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Agama, should pls do us the honor of serving today’s breakfast topic.

Agama: Ahh good morning house and esteemed Governor
It’ll be an honor
Albeit slightly controversial

Ib nab Fiberesima: I won’t be in lagos on Thursday o!I know am not invited, but I will be in PH! My dad will be 70 on thursday

Agama: Breakfast : With the amount of deaths from boko haram surpassing the 4000 mark, (much more than the IRA insurrection) of many years and the destruction of national assets by niger delta groups going into trillions in naira and billions of dollars, are there still any in doubt that infact force and violence is the only viable option to abate these destructive trends?

Nellyville: @IB dear safe trip will wait till you return. I no dey for fire brigade meeting oo.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama this facts are worrisome and staggering.and perhaps even more than 4000 pple have died.on the side of vandalization ala Niger delta pple.the consequence is theirs.
But violence can’t be the solution. My 10kobo

 Princess: The ‘foreigners’ produce and sell the oil and give ‘Nigeria’ some change. And this is after they had ‘settled’ a few Nigerians

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Princess,U r speaking from an intellectual point of view.the general belief is different and not until there’s no more.we won’t rest,and O yes u may need to look @ the mineral resource map of Nigeria.U may find urself digging where u stand right now,bcos there’s no where u put ur feet in this land that there’s no deposit.

 Princess: We as a nation must change our thinking

 Princess: @Shuzi, exactly. So it is a mental thing. The leaders are lazy to invest in other areas

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Then let’s pray for this oil to cease.its the reason what u r saying cannot be heard.its a major distraction.

 Princess: Potash is more expensive than oil and easier to mine

Agama: This is precisely why I raised this topic.. Now in order for us to stop like shuzi has said and re-jig the workings of this country, do we do this via a public address system (public announcements) or get physical action involved?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : There’s something inherently wrong with us as a people!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If 4000 pple die in an incident occuring from bad governance.its tantamount to genocide.

 Princess: Nigeria has potash deposit everywhere, but the officials won’t bring themselves to invest in mining potash
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama no.the day I pick up a microphone in a church service I will tell everybody to say “amen” ahead of this prayer I want to say.and deliver the prayer.
And my darling princess what av u done with the information on Potash?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : At this point @Agama, I don’t think force is the answer; things have degenerated too much. Our leaders are in denial and the people are overwhelmed
Stupefied more like!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: The elite in this country are also irresponsible and are the major cause of docility.
They r not trustworthy so everyman does as they understand it.

 Princess: I have approached 3 govs with enough money to sponsor the entire project and you will not believe the response that I got

Agama: Well Queen I have a slightly different take on the way to douse these destructive trends

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Force after 4000 pple in the mayhem of BH alone?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : The elite are very very evil! The people seem in a trance. We all now behave like zombies!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Princess,pray tell what the dim-wits told u jare!!!

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Agama what’s ur take pls?

Agama: I put it to u today ladies and gentlemen that the very high up in govt know the backers

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: And in what direction shld this force go Agama?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : We talking potash, that is even more complicated, what about the millions of kilometres of bamboo groves?

 Princess: Well, 2 of them would rather have me as wife than allow me to do something that will create employment and generate wealth for their states and the third want me to give him 30% of the project cost as commission and I must pay this upfront!!!

Agama: They know the sponsors

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Didn’t they take ur palm oil and see what malaysia made of it.u stupid nation.>:O

 Princess: None wanted to know if I had a husband or not.

Agama: Let them grow some balls. Pls tell me, why is jomo gbomo in a position to threaten a sovreign state and live as a free man?
Somebody pls answer me this?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: I won’t blame those who wanted to have u as a wife.I mean….???

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Yes of course Agama, its becoming clear they are sponsored by govt. I just posted a news item of Yuguda claiming that the amnesty rejection came from the fake Boko Haram! If the real original Boko Haram are harmless, why offer them amnesty in d first instance?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: The 30% can b managed.but upfront is subject to a litmus test.

 Princess: @shuzi, please sir, this is a very serious matter

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : 😀 Princess!!! That’s the story! A story we must tell someday!

Sir K -10: Hmmm! Good morning great friends, missed out this weekend though I read up on everything that transpired, if only the minds in this house will be given a chance to rule, but a snowball in hell has a better chance!

Agama: In that case queen if u insist its d govt that’s bombing itself then we the people, the final arbiter of justice in this case must wade in violently

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Princess excuse my pun.but am serious and I meant it as a compliment;) .

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Where is ur weapon @Agama?

 Princess: That is the thing. I KNOW that I am a good negotiator. I have track records in 3 continents to show for it, but I failed to persuade a governor to take 10% up front and allow the project to start

Agama: Queen this is serious business

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: To which he said?

Agama: Mend has resumed destroying pipelines, soon they’ll be burning mosques they say

Sir K -10: Agama so you saying we should become what I call gbogbo haram, we also fight our cause violently, albeit with a different set of targets, then what?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Why did u have to induce him with the 10percent @Princess?

 Princess: @Queen: my sis, what’s wrong with them?
Yes, I had to practically force my group to do it but the gov rejected it

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Agama did I sound like Basket mouth? I asked where is ur weapon to take on the Nigerian army?

Agama: Sir-K I am simply suggesting that since our govt cannot protect us from the rage of boko haram

 Princess: I have witnesses, there in lagos that went with me

Agama: And our destiny is to die in their hands
Why don’t we die fighting?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Princess,This and many experience of the likes of you should get published.

Agama: Either way we are dead. Isn’t it better to die with some honor?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Take on BH, MEND etc with our mouths?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Let the pple b aware of the harm.

Sir K -10: Agama who are we going to be targeting?

Agama: That’s d point they don’t understand dialogue

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Ok, Agama, tell us how u plan to go about this war!

Agama: The only language they understand is violence

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Nobody dies fighting this cause in this age with honor.they will rob u of it and use names to describe that will make even ur family remove their hands.

Agama: Wrong!

 Princess: My dear Agama, we inherited big mouths and long grammar from our colonial masters.

Agama: I have a govt, let them be alive to their responsibility
And if they won’t let us the people who are the owners of the country use our might and sheer numbers to chase them out
Our govt. The very pple who have refused to protect us

Osamede Eguavoen: I always knew Agama has more Che’ in him than a lot of us.

Agama: Egypt paved d way.
SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: That’s vague!

Agama: Tunisia, libya. A mass protest would change things around for good

 Princess: Please don’t talk about Libya

Agama: And if violence breaks out, well then so be it. We can’t sustain this status quo

Sir K -10: Agama will you set yourself ablaze to start this revolution?

Agama: No I wont

Sir K -10: We the people are as bad as the government!

Agama: But I can use social media to rally my generation

Osamede Eguavoen: No fight,no change. Write that down somewhere. The struggle doesn’t have to be violent,but we must gear up and get into the streets. The civil rights movement lived on the streets,and that’s how their voices were heard.

Agama: Why do my pple not see how our leaders see us? Our leaders think we are a bunch of docile gutless lot

 Princess: Am sure we all do

Agama: Amaechi confirmed this 5 days ago

 Princess: And to some extents, they are right

Agama: So what difference are we making here by coming here to speak big big grammar?

 Princess: @Agama, I agree with you on this, but there is work to be done before hitting the streets with guns and …..

Agama: It doesn’t have to be guns at first

Osamede Eguavoen: Agama,how come you refused to give Che’ any credit? He must have had the same thought-process you are exhibiting now.

 Princess: Yes, a radical change is a must, but we must try non violent means first.

Osamede Eguavoen: And I agree with you

Agama: Che was trying to install communism but carefully couched it as fighting for d poor

Osamede Eguavoen: Anyway,let’s not go back there

Sir K -10: Agama, we stand the truth on it’s head the moment we see something that’ll favour us, how many of us have not ran a red light in the last 1 year, how many have not jumped a queue, how many have not offered bribe to get a juicy contract, how many have not tried to cut corners, if majority of us do the right thing we’ll see a difference, why do we have expectations of others when most of us are no better!

Agama: Anybody that espouses communism will not get my vote

Osamede Eguavoen: Sir K,should we therefore continue like this?

Agama: Sir k they’ve robbed us of dignity. Nigerians are decent pple Honor and dignity was 2nd nature before the ugly ones came and bequeathed us dishonor and disrepute

 Princess: @Sir k. GBAM!!!

Sir K -10: @ Osas, no sir, let’s begin to remove the speck in our own eyes so we can clearly see how to remove the iroko in other people’s eyes!

 Princess: We need to educate/encourage people to change their thinking

Osamede Eguavoen: Sir K,this is like a tug of war, for us to win,we must all pull at once. That single effort without all others will not get us across the finish-line.

Agama: U can’t do that by mere saying it, pple need a shock therapy
U have a myriad of examples in history to draw examples from
And by d way sir k ur analogy of running d red light is not fair to the people, if a white american comes here for d first time, after about 1 month he would start running those red lights

Osamede Eguavoen: In Nigeria today,you will be the odd one out if you did the right thing. That’s why those who serve honestly are eventually mocked.

Sir K -10: The tug of war will not succeed if we’re pulling with differnt motives, what if as we’re pulling Govy tells them where our strength lies and how to destroy it so he can build mansions in Maitama and Banana Island, with a chopper to shuttle between the 2

Osamede Eguavoen: Well, Sir K,I think we have to get the Leadership right first,they will then take care of the followers.

Sir K -10: @ Agama, the after running the light a police man stops you, you give 500 bucks cos you’re in a hurry and then turn around to say the police is corrupt!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Hmmm

Sir K -10: (y) @ Osas, but that leader must be someone who does thing right in the 1st place, and that leader could be 1 of us here, that why I’m saying we should clean our own house 1st!

Osamede Eguavoen: Sir K,I have no speck in my eye,I can  clearly,but will that change Nigeria?
When is the time to act?

Sir K -10: So take the lead! I’ll follow you!

Osamede Eguavoen: Maybe Nigeria works for you,and you don’t want the boat rocked.

Agama: May be he doesnt
That’s my conclusion. Bcos even societies that are more civilized took their country back force

Daylay: Good Morning my ogas in the house. Govvy, I throway salute o

Sir K -10: Oh I want the boat rocked seriously and I do my best to work for Nigeria as Nigeria doesn’t work for me, but I believe in Nigeria, Govy is a friend of almost 30 years and will tell you I do no work for government, even when my Dad was a DG for 7 years! But I seen enough and heard enough to not want my time wasted with rethoric, I have to be sure of who going to battle with and it will stay like that fighting words just aren’t enough to convince me, I’ve been to enough battles to know and beware of the “powers” of mere words!
Those civilised countries you talk about were able to do it cos personal gains wasn’t their focus, how many of us here will stay and fight if we get an offer of an oil block, make we no deceive ourselves abeg, I’ve live a better part of my active life already, so I want a better Nigeria for my children!
So if Nigeria stays like this I’ll be fine, but can I say the same for my kids, NO! So I want a change, but I have PLENTY doubts about my generation bringing about that change, we’re too self centered and most always have ulterior motives behind our loud words and that’s the honest truth! Let’s look in the mirror very well o!

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Morning Daylay, please join the discussion.

Sir K -10: My 10k, apologies to Shuzi!
Gomina mo juba o!
Daylay: @Govy, I’m here, following. Been reading and trying to catch up.

Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.: Okay bro. But I would really like to have your imput on this topic

Sir K -10: Princess posted earlier today that she offered a governor 10% of a project and only MJD batted an eye lid about it and we’re here pontificating!
Infact una don make my blood boil too much this morning, abeg make I check if I get cold star for fridge!

Yinka Bold: The system is corrupted by the operators. There is no punishment for breaking the law. The institutions need to be strengthened

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Can we please stop this campaign for violence?
We intend this forum for the emancipation of the Nigerian polity,as intellectual minds,we are not to be seen as violent or propagating or inciting violence.otherwise nobody will take us seriously.I think violence is the option of the foolish mind and I say this with responsibility.since I personally learnt to be calculative.I have fun @ the expense of perceived enemies and also av d opportunity to know that half of the time am let’s apply this to the matters arising.
Africa and africans are volatile and very combustible.Re:Kenya.they were such easy going docile pple and so were the people of Rwanda.

Daylay: My take on this topic is that we need re-orientation in this country as our roots have been so bastardized. Corruption is our bane and the followership is as corrupt as the leadership. Infact, the followers corrupt the leaders in some instances. Some of our present leaders I’m sure were like we are now, advocating for change b4 they got to the position of power.

 Princess: @Shuzi. Thank you sir

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If u propagate this violence it will go the way of vandalization and looting instead of addressing the malaise.

Daylay: @shuzi(y)

Yinka Bold: (y) Shuzi. More like it….

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Sorry I had to dash into the kitchen anyhow, I can’t blame Agama for his stance dis morning. I have noticed that our opinions and stand on issues shift as events unfold. There are those who are averse to the use of foul language but who end up being like me when some stupifying event happens or when our leaders open their mouth to spill d content of their empty brains…

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Please let us be mindful of our social responsibility.I have had a grouse with Adeboye condoning visits of the thieves to redemption camp and I was educated that he (Adeboye) has as much influence as a mandela or Awo.enough to say something that will ignite the nation thru the yorubas.and I had a renewing of my mind immediately.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : As a matter of fact, we have talked too much in this land. Everybody has been talking non-violence for eons! When will the revolution begin? Perhaps the change the people have been waiting for is violent change as Agama postulated!
June 12 was violently resisted and that violence led to today’s democracy!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: But is he aware of how many pple he can influence negatively???
Ok mojito are u saying its the only way out?
I react with foul language too.and that’s spontaneous,its ok

Yinka Bold: Violence has never stopped anything. We must jaw jaw… check history. Conflicts are resolved at the table

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : If Adeboye for example can say a word to change the situation, why hasn’t he? Why would he rather annoint the empty head of a foolish man?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If u and ur Agama friend continue this cry for violence.I will sue u guys to the case come and defend ur stance

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Violence led to awareness which freed black South Africans!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: And am not threatening.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : We await the summon! Or I await the summon! That Agama is shifty!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Mojito,Violence is the norm in SA till now.bcos the bitterness that followed the struggle has left an age group redundant and irrelevant.
They r so bitter.7/10 robbery incidence end up in murder.
I started visiting SA in 2003 and Mojito u don’t want to stand next to some pple in a store.

Yinka Bold: Very true Shuzi, Northern Ireland still carries the hurt and scars. The violence remains with them

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Fact is the blackman is not restircted anymore cos of the colour of his skin. The black man now owns his land! Whatever he does with it, is his biz!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: They have fire in their eyes.SA police handles more domestic violence than most other police.bcos the women get jobs and the men stay at home and wait to beat their wives.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : That is the prob of the black race @Shuzi! At least d man is free!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: If u go to Sandton mall.u will see female shop assistants with shiners. And men help their friends beat their wives.
Yes Mandela brought black empowerment with laws that made companies employ total illiterates just to engage them.the good news is 20yr olds are directors in companies having gone to sch.
Not in 2013 u want to mortgage the souvereignty of this land.
Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : The world noticed @Yinka, the IRA took their problem to world arena thru violent struggle! There will be spiralling effects of course, same as we have in Nigeria. We had no choice but to fight d civil war. What would have happened if our leaders had depended on jaw-jawing, I dare say we won’t have a Nigeria that some people here believe is strong cos of its oneness!
Shuzi, blacks were in d trenches back in d day fighting for freedom, they weren’t in school but today more black South
Africans are educated and have thriving biznesses! Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu. Snr: RECESS!


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