” I left the PDP after we met GEJ that was a few weeks after Yar’Adua passed on. And the questions and answer session we had with him compelled a rethink ditto that if the Party gives this guy to Nigerians in 2011 then we are introuble” .Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nwaokobia on Democratic Welfarism, Federal Character Controversy & First Female Vee-Pee, among other thorny issues. The Presidential candidate bears his mind to fellow Current Affairs Housemates on The Discourse Pot. Read all @ https://ogbeniwalor.wordpress.com

From Group: LG…Rhythms..«xxiv»

Emerging discussion with Dr. Chuckwudumebi Nwaokobia on tele-conference with members of LG Current Affairs BB group. Dr. Nwaokobia contested for presidency in the last election and is getting ready for 2015. He presented his Manifesto to Housemates to critique.
 Summum-bonum: @Queen Cleo TRUEST TRUISM God told me some 14years ago that we must atone and appease the dead from the times of the Civil War until now bcos this nation is soiled with blood, and their call for vengeance obviates peace and progress. But rather than our Priests doing so what we have is prayer for hire, sad!!!
 Children are an integral part of society. For our children it must be free and compulsory education to secondary level.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Truth be said.If holiness is what we know it to be.The likes of our favorite overseers shldnt visit our presidential villa.
Summum-bonum: We shall have health insurance for kids below 7. And for Adults above 70.
My Govt will not predicate appointments on the 35% affirmative action BUT shall fix square pegs in square holes at an even margin.
The reason is that we must give sufficient incentive for the education of the girl child and that is the hugest.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: That is a general thing and not necessarily directed @ women.look into Obama care.the zonal health care programmes for women and women related health care.The slogan was “its not about Obama,its about ur mama”.

Summum: Do not forget that there are specialized fields where the world yet considers male sensitive like the Armed Forces and Intellgence domain those shall remain so but will shall make them gender sensitive by appointing competent female Deputies.

25fbad14: Hey doc. Quickly, I meant to ask In what capacity have you provided leadership either in your community that majority of us can refer to?

Summum-bonum: @Shuzi our world is moving faster than the normatives of women affirmation and Beinjin, women are driving leadership across the world and that’s what we will do.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Well dats all I want to say.wtout taking d women’s time.am sure Queen and the princesses are compiling their questions.

Summum-bonum: That my running in the last election was a male was because Alhaja Asabe Yar’Adua the widow of the late General Shehu Yar’Adua couldn’t tidy up with me about the details of the Veepeeship b4 INEC’s deadline bludgeoned me to do otherwise.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama,I think we shld suspend that question.to b fair to doc he was grilled and if we continue to demand that pple who av served only shld come forward.then…….

Summum-bonum: *my running mate

25fbad14: I’m not aware of any grilling
Unless ure referring to the teleconference

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: We had a 3hrs teleconference and many of us were convinced (DD inclusive) that Dr knows his onions.

Summum-bonum: @AgAma first we have seen the score cards of those who have been serving since independence.

25fbad14: Yes we have

Summum-bonum: Secondly I was a Student leader in the University. Was active with NANS.

25fbad14: Roger that

Summum-bonum: Was involved in Hope ’93 campaigns as a Student coord.

25fbad14: Ok fine doc you’ve been involved in activism and student support groups

Summum-bonum: Led YDM and formed National Democratic Movt.
I have given leadership at Political levels. PRONACO. NCP. And at some point I was a consultant to the Behemoth called PDP. @AgAma :D. I got u there.

25fbad14: Doc governance is serious business
I have no question in my mind ure a man of impeccable character

Summum-bonum: I headed the Committee set up by Ahmadu Alli when he was Chairman of the PDP for the Assessment of the Ministers.

Osamede Eguavoen: We re getting to know the Doc
That’s the only way we can defend you

25fbad14: U have to understand nigeria is at d most delicate period of her existence

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Batt is red. Dr Chucks I believe that agriculture should be d lead agenda, cos if there’s food for all + surplus for export, then we will have a society willing to work!
Nellyville: Doc I have no doubt you know ur onions. But I ask you, do you believe women should be given some % in appointments?

25fbad14: This is a time to ask the “proverbial damsels to go into d courts, so that the warriors can besiege d city

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : We have millions of kilometres of arable land and hundreds of thousands of unemployed youths

Summum-bonum: I left the PDP after we met GEJ that was a few weeks after Yar’Adua passed on. And the questions and answer session we had with him compelled a rethink ditto that if the Party gives this guy to Nigerians in 2011 then we are in trouble.

25fbad14: This is no time for experiment

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Nellyville he has already said he would not be restricted by any percentage

Nellyville: Tnks my Queen.

25fbad14: While I commend ur passion and ambition

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : By the way 50percent is the United Nations stipulated point for gender affirmative action

 Princess: And we shall insist on that or more!!

25fbad14: It is my honest opinion that whoever offers himself for d leadership of this country must show a healthy and consistent record of leadership

Nellyville: The crops produced are not adequately stored due to lack of facilities. And where we have no energy. So what plans are we looking to in other to preserve farm produce. More than half get rotten or spoilt.

Summum-bonum: @Queen Cleo the incentive calls for more because if you educate and or empower the woman then the society is better for it.

Osamede Eguavoen: I’m with the doc on the 0/100% policy. Only the best will do. We can’t compromise on the ground of gender.

Nellyville: Yes Summum(y)

Osamede Eguavoen: If women make up 80% of the best,so be it.

25fbad14: U see this is exactly what I mean

Osamede Eguavoen: And if the reverse is the case,no hard feelings.

 Princess: That would be good

Nellyville: Yes Osas and let who d cap fit wear it.

Summum-bonum: @Agama how do you define consistency? My mentor Gandhi said as I grow I learn and drop the things that appeared right until a higher truth made them false.

25fbad14: There is the “idealistic” mantra,
But there is also something called the “field reality”

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Yes Osa, and a woman can be president if she is so qualified!

Osamede Eguavoen: Yes,my Queen.
It will be soon. Sooner than expected.

25fbad14: Nigeria is a very complex country, leading her requires u to be cunning

 Princess: Amen @Osa

Summum-bonum: @AgAma I am listening

25fbad14: U can’t say things like I have 0% policy on d best

Summum-bonum: Cunning?

25fbad14: There is a trick to how the equilibrium is maintained
U have diverse interests

Osamede Eguavoen: Agama,dats my interpretation

25fbad14: Groups of stakeholders
Pressure groups of pple. If the best minds come from d southwest, for example.
Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Thanks Agama. I did a big story for AIT news when Joyce Banda became president of Malawi. The question was, is Nigeria prepared for female president! Many guys said a lot of negative things behind camera but on camera were all for it. I remember Gemade asking me what country did u say, I said Malawi, to which he replied, can u compare Malawi to Nigeria? He refused to discuss d issue on camera!

25fbad14: Does it then mean that you’ll have to fill ur cabinet with folks from d southwest?

Summum-bonum: That I have not said 50 or 30 or 70%. Does not remove from the fact that our govt shall build on and with the women. I hope to have a Female Vice President the first in our history.

Osamede Eguavoen: Agama,d constitution is specific on federal character,but not on gender.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Hmm!

25fbad14: The birth of federal character wasn’t a mistake o, its one of those things that have held this country together
Now from doctors point

Summum-bonum: @Agama there are great minds across our space. Square pegs in square holes.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Better to be pragmatic @Doc!
Nigeria is not yet ready for female vice!

25fbad14: With his zero tolerance policy on round pegs in square holes

Osamede Eguavoen: If I have my way,I will bring down federal character. It irritates me.

25fbad14: That right there is a huge mistake
Bcos statistically speaking, If u decide u want to use d best minds in d country, d north would not be adequately represented. Simple as that

Nellyville: The fed xter is what is killing nigeria. You just put one mumu in office cos u want his or her zone to be represented.

Summum-bonum: @Queen Cleo I think differently. If a woman can be the head of ur economic team and the Head of ur Judiciary. Then a Veepee is trite.

Nellyville: Is it really yielding any dividend? NO

25fbad14: Nelly that is how we balance things
What a smart president does is to make that ministry dormant and vote nothing to it

Nellyville: Ballanc dullards with millions of good brains elsewhere?

Summum-bonum: U do not have 50ministeries. And believe me that impression of the North is wrong.

25fbad14: Infact out of d 40 something ministries u can decide to use just 3 to develop the country

Nellyville: That’s where we deceive ourselves.

25fbad14: Nellyville, that is why I said at d beginning there is reality and there is “idealistic” talk
Remember the uniqueness of this country
We have a very diverse country With over 300 tribes

Nellyville: The last super eagles where dubbed Biafrans players cos of this same stupid fed xter.

25fbad14: 1000 tongues. Different cultures, religions, and each must be carried along. U need a fair policy

Summum-bonum: I have travelled through the North and I know that I can count over 200 whiz minds that are my friends. I told the House that 70% of my votes in 2011 came from the North, they listened more to my message.
25fbad14: Which is where a cunning leader comes in handy

Osamede Eguavoen: Doc. Do you think the Centre is too powerful? If yes,as President, would you sponsor an amendment/bill that will reduce the power at the centre,transferring same to the states?

Summum-bonum: @Agama Nigerians have shown their desire for good leadership and disdain for the wrong we are a forthright people.

Nellyville: My view is if our leaders are sincere, no side will feel marginalised.

Summum-bonum: @Agama pragmatism is not being cunning.

25fbad14: Doctor you are very idealistic

Osamede Eguavoen: Doc. Do you think the Centre is too powerful? If yes,as President, would you sponsor an amendment/bill that will reduce the power at the centre,transferring same to the states?

Summum-bonum: @Agama humbly I was waiting for that.

25fbad14: The nigerian reality and our prevalent culture is totally different from what u paint

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Thanks @Osa! Doc pls answer!

Nellyville: Exactly. The leadership of a party should not rest solely on the hand of the president.

Summum-bonum: But you can’t point to a word of idealism rather u are the idealist. You talked about consistency and I asked ur definition of it telling you what Gandhi taught me.

25fbad14: Our politicians from the awolowo days understand what It entails to keep this country one nation, unfortunately they haven’t got the will to provide d leadership it deserves
Federal character is top on that list
Now with ur policy of zero tolerance. It would endanger that carefully balanced equilibrium and we are headed for danger.
Osamede Eguavoen: Agama,nothing will happen if fed xter is not implemented hookline and sinker. What state is Olusegun Aganga from? What state does he represent?

25fbad14: But if we value our union

Osamede Eguavoen: Fed xter is just a Law,it can be amended.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Precisely @ Doc.

Nellyville: Gbam @Shuzi the romance has to stop. It aint working oo

25fbad14: This is why I’ve been screaming here all day nigeria is a difficult terrain to govern

Summum-bonum: @Govvy I did not see a question, Osa made a statement I agree with and embellished my own way.

25fbad14: We are addressing doc’s plan for a united nigeria not a divided one

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama I put it to you that u presently under the tutelage of a sect of pple whose parochial idea of nationhood and politics is not applicable and isn’t in the best interest of Nigeria.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : I agree on fed character only if we insist on keeping the lie called Nigeria! If not, let’s all lick our broken paws and move on!!!

25fbad14: Well ure wrong. Lashoo that is
Nellyville: Agama you mean well. But pancaking cannot go on forever.

25fbad14: And I totally agree madam nelly

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Come back to lagos my friend.

25fbad14: But as long as we are one nigeria, and our strength lies in our diversity

Summum-bonum: I would rather the word policy articulation and philosophy than idealism. My ideology is entrenched in what must be done should be done but pragmatically.

Osamede Eguavoen: Doc. What’s your view on State Police?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Shuzi,(y) thanks!

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Another knotty one. Thanks @Osa!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Pls get an mtn line.I was shouting hello.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Agama, I’ll bet one arm that Nigeria won’t remain one for too long!

25fbad14: It’ll be my pleasure

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: So be it!!!
And thank God I will be in the better part….eeeish!!!

25fbad14: Lagos and d 5 other states have all it takes to be great

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: The only thing u av said that I agree with.

25fbad14: Although we”ll be greater with d sheer size and diversity
Perhaps u guys don’t understand what’s at stake here

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: There’s oil in Ondo state and will soon b found in lagos.but I hope after a certain political leader has passed on.

25fbad14: Nigerians spend 2.014 trillion on calls

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : A sick giant is no good to anybody!

25fbad14: We are a mammoth of a nation

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Mojito get an mtn line.

25fbad14: A commercial dream

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Ghana is smaller but the wheels grind on smooth oil! Mtn? 8-|

Nellyville: Over 200million yet dominated by less than 500 thiefing men.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Ok, I will, thanks!

Summum-bonum: @Queen Cleo I can bet two that this chord of three shall outlive the present anomie.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : What are u willing to bet Doc?

25fbad14: I’ve said my piece. Doc you have my full respect for daring

Osamede Eguavoen: Naija no go separate. If we do,the north will do just fine. Its only bane is lack of education. Its people are hard-working and very agrarian.

25fbad14: Until I’m convinced otherwise my vote is for dangote

Osamede Eguavoen: The prospect of striking oil in the chad basin is also there.

Nellyville: Doc u refused to speak on state police.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Osa,Even they will trim this cv u just dashed dem.

Osamede Eguavoen: Lol

Osamede Eguavoen: Na d north dey feed us o

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Let me tell u.if not for Okada in lagos and other parts of the country.they will still be sitting in front of ishaku rabiu’s house waiting for handouts.

Osamede Eguavoen: Yam,tomatoes,onions,carrots and numerous vegetables. Dem go survive jor

Nellyville: Yes Osas as they have used all fertilzer to bomb making.

Summum-bonum: @Agama the North is richer don’t be deceived.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: We go feed ourselves.dem dey carry the things with cow wey dey piss on top.

25fbad14: Richer in what?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Yes, dey have control of food, however amongst them will arise such dissent never imagined. They will be anoda Niger!

Osamede Eguavoen: ​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)). I be even forget to mention cow sef

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: No doubt but their leaders r the worst oppressors.

25fbad14: Is wealth measured in mineral deposits or human capacity?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Dem go beg to send food to the south and will sell their houses for visa!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: They r rich from stolen resources.

25fbad14: U see this is another blunder d doc has just made

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Cleopatra……Gbam!!!

Osamede Eguavoen: Lol

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : I’m telling u dey will pay for visa for their cows to enter the south!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: @Nelly doc trashed state policing and he has it locked down.

Osamede Eguavoen: The south cant starve,the world is a global village.

Summum-bonum: @Shuzi brief the house on State Police plS. We dealth heavily on that in d morning. I am for community and state police.

Osamede Eguavoen: Doc, saying just that is enough. Its even a yes/no question

25fbad14: Chei Chineke

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Dr Nwakobia senior said “the world is a global bedroom”.

25fbad14: I must be in d wrong room

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Doc, if u give communities and states that power, u might as well forget ur power!

25fbad14: U see why I referred to doc as “idealistic” earlier?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama wetin again???

25fbad14: Ur views on d nigerian reality is not accurate

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Allolwing state police is like buying a gun and handing it to ur enemy! *Allowing*

Summum-bonum: @Agama the North has more arable wealth. Solid Minerals and the likes. Don’t dwell on assumptions. There no oil magnate in the 10worlds richest men Solid minerals is more wealth.

Nellyville: I for one is against state police. It has its merits and demerits outways the merits.

25fbad14: Doctor Nwaokobia. Do u realise there is such a thing as a “cultural homogeneity” ?

Summum-bonum: Do ur research pls. The north has untapped wealth and resources which I think is deliberate waiting for oil to dry up.

25fbad14: Waiting for oil to dry up?

Nellyville: Yes my Queen recklessly oppositions will be killed like chicken.

25fbad14: Ok this is getting more interesting. Nigerians have a way of acting and behaving, which is why all will agree that we must nurture a democracy that suits us

Nellyville: Au revoir house am tired. (=| |-)

25fbad14: State police? North is richer?
I better follow suit before I combust here 2nite

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: He said untapped.and thank God they know how to bomb now.they will blast their mineral resources to the surface.=))

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : =)) and Agama no hard to burn!

25fbad14: So fashola would be paying the salary of police officers and an opposition will come here and contest an election?

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Roasted lizard=))

Summum-bonum: @Queen and Nelly the organism of state police and policing protects itself. You cannot use the Police in Surulere for instance against a goodman in Surulere. State and Community policing is less manipulative than this Federal behemoth.

Osamede Eguavoen: Agama,Doc doesn’t have your vote,but there is merit in his position.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Nooooooooo! It doesn’t worl like that Agama.come on dude,no b US u live?

25fbad14: U can’t consider untapped resources wealth
Scandanavian countries 5yrs in a row have topped best country in d world to live and do business they have 0 resource

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Govs as it were are lords unto themselves, give them their owsn organ of terror and watch Hannibal in action!
25fbad14: Its human capacity that’s wealth

Summum-bonum: U are voicing the sAme reservation those who want this Federal police to continue without asking deep questions.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Untapped remains untapped.some say I can be a good compere but am not interested.bcos the jokes Nigerians like are borne in abject poverty.=D =))

25fbad14: Japan for example developed with 0 resource
Did u study economics at all? Human capital index

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: =)) =D

25fbad14: Not d mineral in d ground is considered wealth

Summum-bonum: @AgAma the North has more wealth than the South its a bet u cannot win.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : There’s no region in Nigeria that cannot be autonomous! Nigeria is hugely blessed so without any pang on my conscience, I say to ur home O Israel!

25fbad14: What happens when honda accord achieves 50% hybrid cars, same with other car makers and d oil in our ground become just oil

Osamede Eguavoen: That’s the same oil southerners are feeling so cool about

25fbad14: Has that oil translated to wealth?

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : Doc Nigeria has more wealth than Ghana, its a fact! Its not who has more wealth, it is how wealth and power are distributed!

25fbad14: What happens when cell phone manufactures find another material to use for wafers and abandon tantanite? What happens to d country that considered it wealth?

Summum-bonum: With State Police the severAl unresolved murders we have would long have been resolved. A Surulere man will check crime better in Surulere than an outsider.

25fbad14: Pls pls pls pple
I’m combusting gradually

Osamede Eguavoen: Calm down

25fbad14: I tire o

Osamede Eguavoen: Only time proves a theory right or wrong

Summum-bonum: And for Godsake how many Nigerians are Politicians in the opposition for which the well being of the majority shld be sacrificed. Deep thinking please.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  : In my village Agama ash is used to combat convulsion!=D

25fbad14: U see now.
Summum-bonum: @Agama being emotive is not facts bro. You shall be grateful

25fbad14: Docky u don dey make dem dey laugh me

Summum-bonum: In the near future For the facts I hear present.

25fbad14: But on a serious note doc

Summum-bonum: Agriculture sustains America not oil. The north has more arable land.

Osamede Eguavoen: That’s a fact

25fbad14: Na wa o

25fbad14: What’s a fact?

Summum-bonum: Solid minerals pay more than oil they have that at the ratio of 80% to North and 20% south.

Osamede Eguavoen: That the north has more arable land

(To be continued)

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