Whilst tiny poorer nations around us celebrate 24hours power supply our refrain is at least it is better than before. At what cost is it better? 16billion Dollars was frittered away by Obj, Ndudi Elumelu and Co. pilfered the 6.2b naira meant for rural electrification and between Yar’Adua and GEJ over 30billion Dollars have been deployed down the energy drain pipe, sad! Today the blackouts have returned with merciless impunity, Lagos is in darkness, I dare Jonathanians to prove me wrong. We import any and everything. Our four refineries are decrepit and comatose. Corruption drives our national vehicle. National pardon for treasury looters the fad. National honours for thieving politricktians, executhieves, legislooters and judisharers a tradition, sad! Medical facilities and the health care sector a sick epistle, sad! Terror and brigandage a boarding industry, promising greater profit than legitimate business, sad! The chain of the horrific testament of the absurd that Nigeria has become continues ad nauseum ad infinitum, sad! Must we NOT halt this drift down Golgotha? Must we not stop the slide down the precpice? Must we remain arm-chair ideologues and critics? Must we not salvage this nation for our children and our childrens’ children? Where are we headed? May God grant us the courage to do the needful. So Mote It Be. Amen. – Thoughts of a Seeker.. Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr.

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