Thoughts of a Seeker..RE: MY CALL FOR DIALOGUE

I made a profuse and passionate call for dialogue with the Haramists. I canvassed amnesty from prosecution. I lampooned any and every thought cum argument for amnesty with cash settlement/incentives and I maintain that position without equivocation. I repudiate any attempt to make brigandage, banditry and bellicosity lucrative and such is almost becoming a policy of this regime. From the juicy Waterways contracts given to Tompolo, Atake Tom and Asari Dokubo to the 2.5b Anti-Pipeline Vandalization carrot being dangled at Fredrick Fasehun’s OPC and the money backed amnesty deal presently in the works for the Haramists the summon bonum is simply that ours is a nation where violence pays, sad! With the present approach this regime is wittingly and or unwittingly legitimising and institutionalising terror as a vocation de facto. This ride is ominous and this path impish. What happens to the memories of those barbecued by the Haramists? What happens to the Churches burnt and lives lost? What happens to the properties lost and families dislocated? What happens to our collective psyche as a people? And why are we building an industry for terror? Countrymen and Compatriots I am persuaded beyond doubt that immunity from prosecution is sufficient a chip for dialogue and will suffice to win the peace if well managed, to reward terrorists and terror with cash in the name of amnesty is ungodly, satanic and impish but alas another job for the boys and a new window for greed and graft opens, sad! We MUST rise in unison against this charade and say NO to this Shenanigans. We must say to all those in support of this sour pill THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN and stand up to be counted for right. May God Help Us. So Mote It Be. Amen. Author- Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr.



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