Chat: LG…Rhythms..«xxiv»: General Discussion

Mojidee: What Osa is asking is why still go back to d AGF when u have judgement already? Osa, as a reporter, this was one area that gave me d most problem! I was manipulated to d extent that I believed I was reporting d truth. Its so thorny, players are so cunny that I walked away from my job once. There was a time Mayo saw me as an enemy, now am on Mayo’s side having studied the issue like say I dey go do exam, and the other party won’t even speak my name.

Osamede Eguavoen: Na so I  am o, judgement na final outcome unless appealed.

Mayo Ayilaran: We’re working on that presently. We attempted serving contempt papers on the DG and some of the officials last week but they got wind of it and dodged. We went back to court on Tuesday to get order for substituted service but the Judge says he is on vacation. So we are waiting for resumption next week.

Mojidee: They went to press and even posted on my blog that I was paid by Mayo’s people to malign them to which I asked them, when I was seemingly in your camp, what did u pay me?

Osamede Eguavoen: Mayo@(y)

Mojidee: I wish u well @Mayo but what I can’t figure out is why this has been going on for almost as long as I have been a reporter on the beat and that’s about 20yrs?

Sir K -10: Mayo, I get plenty boys for site o, we fit just beat the money comot from them =))

Mayo Ayilaran: @Moji, if you were not resolute about the truth some people would have gotten away with blue murder. Your exposing the lies then gingered certain people into action which eventually made Adoke to promise to solve the problem in 2 weeks and later sacked the DG.

Mayo Ayilaran: Fundamental rights issue, particularly property issues are not quickly resolved. @Sir K; deploy pls.

Mojidee: The truth shall prevail one day. Governments change and wrongs are righted!

Mojidee: That would be my reward.

Mayo Ayilaran: (y) @Moji

Mayo Ayilaran: Sure Dr. We already took out writ exposing the fraud that is COSON.

Mojidee: Is Dumebi here? I can’t see his post o!

Mayo Ayilaran: His Royal Majesty, I hail o. I join Govnor to welcome you.

D DON…Truth has no colors: All players are masters of intrigue. I have listened Tony Okoroji, and have read copiously publications for and against, the more I read the more confused I become. Is it true that Coson has the international right.

Mojidee: Let me tell u d much I know. Once upon a time, there were MCSN and PMRS! Mayo was chairman(still is) of MCSN and OKoroji PMRS. Before all of this was the NCC and the drafting of the copyright law. MCSN was way bfor the Copyright law though. Okoroji, Okunowo Keji, etc were in the NCC board and they were involved in drafting the Law. Anyway, they cut out PMRS for themselves, licenced it and refused to licence the MCSN. Mayo, our esteemed house member already had cultivated a huge repertoire and had affiliations with copyright bodies all over the world, perhaps u can google him up to know more. The war was on from the PMRS licensing. We now had Adewopo Adebimbo(?) Who was legal adviser to MCSN and led is constituency to court several times, against the PMRS which kept fighting and insisting on exclusive rights to administer hard working artistes’ rights. Well, I know for a fact that Okoroji did not have a single data bank and short changed artistes. All this I came to realise after visiting the MCSN office and seeing the up-to-date data bank and all the monitors which keep track of works all over the world. MCSN also represents several foreign artistes and actually had records of royalty payment. Okoroji had non. Anyway, somehow PMRS got its licence withdrawn for not spending govt funds for d purpose it was licenced. All this Adewopo effected as NCC DG. PMRS and myself reporting for AIT, queried Adewopo’s moral rights to be NCC DG having represented the MCSN as lawyer. I was largely misinformed mainly becos Okoroji took pains to explain his position and Mayo’s frontrunners Orits Wiliki and Charlyboy behaved at best as bullies. I left AIT in all of d wahala then o! Anyway I found it bizarre that the same Adewopo who was suspended from the NCC cos of dis matter, was d same man who granted COSON exclusive monopoly. Anyway, when I tried to investigate, dey said MCSN refused to attend meetings called to settle the problem. Mayo has since refuted this. Mayo cn explain better

Mayo Ayilaran: Thanks Moji for the much info you’ve provided. Okoroji was never comfortable with MCSN’s insistence that we go by the rules and the laws and he has a powerful cartel in the NCC backing him. He walked out on a former AGF, Bayo Ojo, SAN, who seemed to agree with the view that things should be in accordance with the law including the muted merger of MCSN and PMRS then. The name Copyright Society of Nigeria was the name with which MCSN applied for incorporation in 1984 but was refused because it was too generic and cannot be used by a sector of the copyright industry which includes literary, music. Artistic, etc. So MCSN was advised to add Musical to the name and cancel out “of”. Thus it was finally incorporated as Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Limited by Guarantee. How the same name which was not approved for MCSN was approved at a later date for PMRS is being challenged at the court in a pending suit.

Mojidee: Country of d absurd! Shows u how times have changed!

Mayo Ayilaran: I am not the chairman of MCSN and I have never been. I started with MCSN as a Licensing Officer, then Licensing Manager, acting General Manager, CEO and presently DG/CEO. Orits Williki is the current Chairman after King Sunny Ade who took over from the Late Chief I. K. Dairo, MBE. Before Dairo was Alhaji Fatai Giwa and Alhaji Aminu Tijani (Late Turakin Zazzau).

Chief Daniel Ogbegie: Moji, how have times changed? Are you the writer of the Book of Lamentation?

Mayo Ayilaran: MCSN firmly controls the international repertoire inspite of the efforts of the NCC and Tony Okoroji to induce breach of contracts with our international affiliates. But they lack the basic knowledge of how these things work.
Yinka Bold: Is NCC actively involved with Okoroji

Mayo Ayilaran: @D Don; you need not be confused if you set out to find out the facts and asking questions. As we speak COSON does not control any international right. They make false claims over many and any issue and they were exposed. For instance Okoroji lied before a court claiming to control the right of Beyonce in the case between MCSN vs. Vee Networks Limited (now Airtel). When basic questions of proof of ownership were asked, he was looking at the ceiling in the open court. MCSN invariably got judgment for N100M against Airtel after Airtel had paid Okoroji’s PMRS for the use of the work. Read some of these judgments and your confusion will vanish. @YB, NCC is actively involved with Okoroji; in fact Okoroji is now the alter ego of NCC. He was one of the members of the Board of the NCC.

Ogbeniwalor: Hmmm How can this country move forward?

Mayo Ayilaran: NCC would raid MCSN offices only to turn MCSN’s files and documents to PMRS/Okoroji. The membership and repertoire claimed by COSON to get approved as the sole CMO were false and fraudulent. MCSN just filed a suit last week asking the court to revoke the approval granted to COSON based on the discovered misrepresentation and fraud. We are waiting for their defence on this.

Ogbeniwalor: Now I know where you are coming from @ Mayo. God bless your doggedness({})

D DON…Truth has no colors: Hmmmmm oro p’esi je, oro di hmmm.
If this is true, then you see why I say that Nigeria’s problem is not govt but its citizens

Mayo Ayilaran: Their is also pending a class action btwn MCSN vs. COSON and 6 other organisations who used MCSN’s works but paid COSON which did not account to MCSN. We’ve already cited Okoroji for contempt in that case but their lawyers within one week appealed what is not even a ruling (the court decided to hear the contempt motion and their preliminary objection together), compiled records and took the case file to the Court of Appeal. The judge simply wished them luck! You can understand who is playing games to fool the people in this matter.

Mojidee: Sorry Mayo for the mix up of chairman and gm! Accept my apologies! The matter be like the giant Octopus! Has sucked in so many journalists and many have lost their jobs. In d heat of it, Dr. Chucks wrote a letter to d AIT accusing me of being a PMRS agent. AIT started censoring my reports, I walked out in frustration. In all of this, I dragged Charlyboy to the NUJ and journalists were banned from covering him for one year! Anyway, by and large Mayo has played a gentleman’s game. With Okoroji, its a do or die affair!

Ogbeniwalor: That’s what I am seeing. Its time this house rally around our own.

Mayo Ayilaran: Thank you my Gov. @D Don, we must confront evil wherever we find it.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Na wa ooooo.
I don’t even know who to believe in this country today. Why can’t we just be gentlemanly

Ib nab Fiberesima: I truly wonder!
If u r honest, dey gang up against u!

Mojidee: DD think am na. I suffer intellectually to produce something and den u say the govt must force me to accept a manager/administrator of my rights! Isn’t it absurd?

Mayo Ayilaran: Evil between govt and citizens, and citizens to citizens.

Mojidee: IB, I have been monitoring and reporting this thing for long. Okoroji and I were very good friends but I had to back out in d face of truth!

Ogbeniwalor: I am in the fray
This is going on my Blog straight

Mayo Ayilaran: It’s like a policeman who claims that because he was armed by the govt he can use his gun to strip the citizens of their property!

Osamede Eguavoen: I talk am before say money plenty for this matter. The tussle for turf in business can be tough,sometimes bloody. From Apple to Samsung, or even the traders selling tomatoes,its the same  game.

Ogbeniwalor: This is a very big issue! How come a copyright owner cannot decide who manages his rights! Mind u this includes movies, publishing/books, technology, inventions, etc!

Ib nab Fiberesima: I have started a fight for Royalties to be paid to my Actors. The first thing I was told was to register with COSON. I refused! Now we are on a different leg. They will have a tough fight I assure them

Ogbeniwalor: Thank you!

Osamede Eguavoen: @Gov,its supposed to be an open-market. Everyone scramble for your client.
You cant and shouldn’t gag an industry.

Mojidee: I know how many journalist have defected to Okoroji cos of sudden money, I will NEVER! For a fact, am still angry, very angry he misled me when I really did not know much about d politics involved. IB, u are on the right course, I will back u all d way!

Osamede Eguavoen: Its in Nigeria that associations act like demi-gods in their industry,compelling everyone to come under their umbrella. That’s a breach of fundamental rights because there is freedom of association,and that freedom includes the right not to associate.

Ogbeniwalor: Gbamx100!!!

Mojidee: Gbaam, @Osa, exactly my submission in my articles published in the Sun Newspapers. Pls go to mojidanisa blogspot for those write ups!

 MUTE. DOUBLE PORTIONS: Abeg which ome Orits wiliki dey head Oo. Bcos na everyday them dey call AIT for money and royalties and we dey pay millions to them.. When we no pay, my phone will be on fire with calls

Ogbeniwalor: Na Orits dey call you?

Mojidee: =D Mayo answer Mute o! Mute na MCSN and my broda na staunch supporter!

 MUTE. DOUBLE PORTIONS: Yes oooooo na orits

Ogbeniwalor: We have not touched d crux of the matter here sha. Why do majority of artists stll gaunt and underfed if millions are paid by media houses and what have you. What gets to them and what goes to d collecting society eventually?

D DON…Truth has no colors: Gov(y)

Osamede Eguavoen: Gov,no go there o

Osamede Eguavoen: Na the cause of fight be that
Plenty free money dey ground

Mayo Ayilaran: This will certainly open up the industry. Do you know that at a point the so-called pirates at Alaba were voluntarily coming out to take licence from MCSN and other right owners and we gave them conditions which they were complying with outside money and before you know it govt agencies and distributors from Benin, Togo, Ghana were insisting that only products from Nigeria licensed by MCSN can enter their market. Following on the heels was the gradual appreciation of price CDs, VCDs and the sound and image carriers. When the success of our action were beginning to manifest Okoroji and his agents in the so-called IFPI Nigeria Chapter started writing baseless petitions and used the NCC to raid MCSN in 2007. The fallout of that raid was the N40M judgment which MCSN got against NCC in July 2011.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Mayo should tell us what percwntage goes to the artiste from the check off dues paid to them.

Ib nab Fiberesima: Yes I wuld like to know as well Mayo

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Mayo don’t tell them o.U know we av discussed it ur manager.

Osamede Eguavoen: ​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) Shuzi has come

Mayo Ayilaran: The practice worldwide is that you drive down costs to ensure that the artist gets more money every time. No percentage was fixed. If for instance I collect money on a specific use of a work which did not entail the rigours of litigation the owner of the work can get as high as 75% of the proceeds. MCSN was the first organisation to pay an artiste N1.6 M for a single transaction which even involved some level of litigation. When it comes to general use and distribution the cost can go up to 50% or more but with development and expansion of the market the average cost can drop to below 20%.

Agama: E no talk since until e hear percentages
Na so nigerians be

Mayo Ayilaran: Shuzi Óoo. People must know na!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Agama,Agama,Agama,How many times did I call u?

Agama: U and this ya calling 3 times, u be ogboni ni ?

Osamede Eguavoen: @Mayo,Has any artiste ever taken MCSN to court on the ground of been short-changed? Its in Nigeria that associations act like demi-gods in their industry,compelling everyone to come under their umbrella. That’s a breach of fundamental rights because there is freedom of association,and that freedom includes the right not to associate.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: No, I b illumination,I am the light of the world.I use solar.u lucky say sun don go down I for send u somtin. Mayo wall to wall jare!

Mojidee: Guru Khan d capitalist!!!

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Why una dey embarass person like dis sef:| e bad to follow up on wetin dey happen to my childhood friend Mayo?

 MUTE. DOUBLE PORTIONS: Shuzi! Shuzi!! Shuzi!!! How many times i call you??? Abi make we hear business talk jor… This ministry must enter parmanent site 2013

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: On the mountain of the Lord it has been provided.

Mayo Ayilaran: @Osa; no, because we always give a breakdown of the accounts.

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Mayo na wa for you o oooo.see as u dey tell outsiders say we don hammer:/

Mojidee: Osa I saw everything, its not hidden, unlike Okoroji’s. As a matter of fact Okoroji’s royalty bodered btwn 500n and 5,000n!
23af163: The 5k was for big and top highlife musicians! D Don: shuo! Osanobua lahoo, 5k for watin now? ​. Osamede: =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) 5k
Mojidee: Yes o! I saw it with my own eyes, cos dem say radio and TV stations no dey pay so when I saw Mayo’s record, I was dumbfounded that Tu Face got 1.something million! Osamede:To use the work for advert,or just to air dem? Mojidee:Benita got 500 naira in one instance!. Osamede: Aww,poor Okojie:D. Mayo Ayilaran: Agama, there’s enough for everybody o. If we hammer N100M so far we are contented, 10 -15% would be fair more so we are talking of a potential multi-billion Naira enterprise!:D. D Don:This is confusing, pls make me understand this, is it that artistes you manager enlist with you or you represent just any artiste. Agama: 15% of 100m is very fair I’ll take it. D Don: Agama you and Shuzi be like police, you can smell money from a mile. Agama: Yeepa! Speaking of money… D DON: Yes money, am listening. Agama: Who knows about lottery business? D DON: @Mayo, so who pays Ligali Mukaiba. My favorite apala exponet. @ Agama, I do. Agama: Im asking bcos I’m still in shock how much baba ijebu grosses daily. His account officer was blabbing recently and I was just stupefied. D DON: I had one that was cancelled by Maruwa when he was Governor of Lagos. Mayo Ayilaran: DD The artiste register with us and assign his copyright to us. Like Power of Attorney. This is personal, not group or union thing. But the Àssociation like AGÑ can mobilize and advise their members or form an enterprise for their members. Ib and I need to talk for better understanding on how best to proceed with rights of actors and actresses. Agama: why can’t we start our own. Its sinful that one man shd corner that much of the market. D DON: IB shey you dey hear, abeg make you no let them short change your artiste oo. Haba 5k.@ Agama, ori Baba Ijebu pe nii Agama: Ori tiwa o daru ke. D DON: Oya let’s go there then… SHUZI KHAN: Am sorry for you and DD.


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