Looting Of Sure-P Funds: PDP Tells ACN to mind its own business.

PDP Chieftain, Bode George.

PDP Chieftain, Bode George.

The PDP in Lagos state has asked the ACN to mind its own business instead worrying its head over how it shares among its(PDP) members looted funds from fuel subsidy removal savings. In a statement released by The lagos State PDP and signed by one Taofik Gani, described the unsolicited cry of Alhaji Muhammed(ACN scribe) over purported SURE-P money causing disaffection within pdp as another show of his “busy body and reflection of an idle hand that remains a devil’s workshop”

The party indeed expects Alhaji mohammed to tell Lagosians how SURE-P monies meant for States and LGs have been utilised.

The party states that the ACN is at this point confused about how to confront the PDP in the 2015 elections “seeing that our leaders, ever than before are now working together and already miles ahead in planning whilst the ACN is still battling with another Label to contest future elections having destroyed its current name”.

According to Taofik, the party is not worried at all as it has actually prepared for worse character assassination. “We know the modus operandi of the ACN is to cause disaffection within PDP. This time they will fail because all the fifth Columnist erstwhile within PDP are now with them. They cannot find any ‘material’ again”.
He continued
“Notwithstanding we are saying loudly that the ACN may continue the character assassination of our Leaders, BUT we will not condone any assassination of any of our Leaders, not again”

The party wonders why alhaji Mohammed has refused to react to the PDP allegation that his Company, Westminster Dredging ltd collected money from LASG but failed to execute the dredging of canals in the State which led to Flooding and many deaths.


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