Thoughts of Seeker.. The Palm tree gives food, water and shelter, it symbolises life and hope. As Christians all over the world celebrate the week that preceded a remarkable epoch in time. As we mark the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem indiscriminate of the horror and the fear that the Roman Soldiers portend, I pray and crave that the courage of The Christ permeate our being. Knowing for a surety that the times are topsy-turvy and higgledy-piggledy, conscious of the anomie that a clueless regime gives imprimatur to, certain that the sorry state of security in the nation has become a common challenge the Haramists having found their way down South into Lagos thus seeking to spread terror, and pained by the fact that the chief victims of this impasse and human barbecues to which the Nigerian state have been treated are the hapless masses and the innocent, I pray we triumph into the NEW hope that only the mystery of HIS death and resurrection guarantees. I pray that our palm should sprout and blossom birthing the NEW as I dare to say without fear or favour that before us are two strong options; the one is The Third Force, a peoples forum for change, devoid of the politics of the Ruling Party and the Partisan opposition, known as THE THIRD FORUM and the second option is a Third Military Revolution in this country, the first was Nzeogwu’s, the second Gideon Orkar’s (both failed). I passionately pray we elect the first option lest we shall unwittingly be inviting the Ghana type military revolution in Nigeria. I am confident that the way the Roman Soldiers and their Jewish accomplices did not see the triumph berthed on the Palm Sunday so the Nigerian Court-jester and jobber will think and take me for a rabble rouser BUT time shall vindicate me. Happy Palm Sunday my Esteemed Friends, Comrades and Compatriots. God Bless Y’all. So Mote It Be. Amen.-Dr. ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Snr.


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