With the introduction of the Blackberry came an avid social networking awareness. Top burner issues resonate on the BB as Nigerians fondly call their newest gadget. Many groups have sprung up on the BB network and one of such is the LG Rhythms group. There is a certain cell house under the LG Rhythms which has 26 cell units under its umbrella. The unit is called LG Current Affairs and it is from this house which accommodates some of Nigeria’s hottest critiques and everyday analysts that this broth will be served from everyday discourse emanating from their breakfast table. The beauty of this section is to assist populist changing policies and for other Nigerians with equal or diverse opinions to keep abreast with common day dialogue. Mind you there is a governor who moderates and oversees all affairs in the house as is the culture of all LG groups…his is not an easy job, sometimes when discourse heats up, he joins the fray and drops his role of umpire, he is human after all and the group recognizes that fact. His BB identity is Ogbeni Walor.
Feeds from this forum shall remain unedited. This is one section you will not want to miss every morning.

** Mar 6 Wed 08:29 **

J1 Naijaprince: Let’s even count Azikiwe out as he was just a ceremonial President, the then head of government was the Prime Minister,
Shagari, OBJ, UMYA, GEJ

Yinka Bold: Better than all of them

J1 Naijaprince: Make una no vex o!

D DON…Truth has no colors: I believe in the successor generation as the panacea for repositioning Nigeria and engendering true respect or envy in the comity of nations

Mojidee: We need to do away with all these tired minds! All they seem to know is ow to plan against the people!

D DON…Truth has no colors: We cannot do away with the old but we can gracefully ease them out or the will continue to play the spoiler in the polity. The problem with us as a people is that we do not know how to reward those who have contributed in a small way to our development instead we abuse them and call them names at the slightest provocation methink OBJ did a lot and the kitchen cabinent of the Yar Adua frittered all away. No Jonathan’s men are doing their havock too.
J1 Naijaprince: D Don,
You seem to be contradicting yourslef here o

D DON…Truth has no colors: But the point to note like someone rightly observed is that the younger generation is even more corruption prone than the old

J1 Naijaprince: In the light of our only recent history
How can we appreciate a man who achieved little and then foisted people on us who in a few years destroyed the little he achieved?

D DON…Truth has no colors: No I am not, that I support Jonathan does not mean I am blind to the monument fraud going on
Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: @Prince Adeyinka GEJ is a surrogate of the old, surrounded and marooned by octogenarians. And sandwiched by the Hawks albeit as a matter of choice because had he wanted to stand out as a representative of the NEW he will surround himself with progressives and technocrats that care about the dawn we seek.

J1 Naijaprince: Was it not OBJ who sought out GEJ and UMYA and forced them upon us

Mojidee: Agama, u are a real Agama. Pls stick to d topic in d discussion room, its the rule here. We do not deviate from d topic of d day until it is fully exhausted or until d Gov says otherwise! Abeg join follow-bash that clueless president of ur’s!
J1 Naijaprince: What we should ask is what were the qualities he saw in these men to deicde they were the best people we deserved?

D DON…Truth has no colors: Queen of CA I hail you so sorry was enraptured in this discuss

J1 Naijaprince: He wanted docile people so he can always be in control
So the little he achieved, at tremendous costs o, have been flushed down the drain by the same successors he forced down our throats
what kind of driver drives you forward 1km and then drives you backward 2km?

Yinka Bold: I blame the mentality of the younger ones. How do they foster these old men on us? Who do they use? We are just all culpable….

J1 Naijaprince: And then we should appreciate the 1km forward he drove us?
The question is, where are we at the moment? Worse off!
ObJ for me is a disaster to Nigeria and symbolises an era of great waste!

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: @D DON since 1999 the average age of those that have championed the massive despoliation of Nigeria and the unbridled looting of our collective till is 58years so I disagree with you on the Youths being more corruption prone. Or are you one of those who see nothing wrong with the PDP having a Youth Leader that’s above 60years? Just =-? and asking Bro. One love. ({}).
25fbad14: So sorry pls, that was in excitement per my ydays prediction

Mojidee: (y) notin do u Agama!

Nellyville Who is this BB pin? Name pls

Lady Gee;Good morning Gov and all great minds! I follow Aunty Nelly hail una from “idi oko mi”=D

D DON…Truth has no colors: Juwon, OBJ meant well, since you all refused the 3rd term agenda which I still do not regret for supporting it, he had to put people who were found not to be corrupt as at that time, he wanted to sustain the fight against corruption but the tactless Yar Adua felt he needed to distance hinself from OBJ and his kitchen cabinent hijacked power from him. Same thing Jonathan did, trying to side tract OBJ because of the vociferous noise of a few against OBJ. He has since seen that” Kacki no be ledder”

MUTE: DOUBLE PORTIONS: Goodmorning first this morning… Enjoy your day ALL

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: Obj cremated what was left of our moral margins. He gave us a very sick man as a successor and put a clueless man by him to take over should anything happen. It was about self-preservation cum protection NOT about Nigeria. He didn’t want a strong successor because he didn’t want to be probed. The present miasma is chiefly his fault.

Ogbeni Walor: Hmmm… Lady Gee, I hail back o. Carry on gentlemen

D DON…Truth has no colors: DR Chris, I am not PDP and will never be, but I likie to face issues because of my deep knowledge of certain privileged information and Knowledge by reason of being involved. We all know that every party in Nigerian that seeks to be at the centre (presently) are more interested in the loot than governance

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: Obj didn’t fight corruption @ D DON, he fanned, nurtured and watered it.

Mojidee: D-Don, u run with the hare and hunt with the hounds?

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: Truest Truism @ MJD.

Mojidee: What happened to ideology?

Prince AdeYinka: As we speak, I can’t see any new breed politicians that bring Nigeria out of this Shackle of corruption. D Don unfortunately found himself where he is but I bet u, he managing the situation well @ MD

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: @D DON does being involved permit and excuse the mortification of values, morals and mores? Is that sufficient praxis for permitting the thumping up of weak successors by Obj? Was GEJ free of corruption as Alamaseigha’s Deputy and later as Governor? Why do you think that everyone that seeks leadership from the opposition seeks such for the loot? We are not all corrupt Bro.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Dr at least you agree he did something that’s enough to praise him for, then gracefully ease him out. As long as we continue to call this Patriot names some of us will continue to disagree and support him. For instance Gov Walor in not without his “weak” side 😡 I can’t believe I just said that! But he has drive this group to a level that will make anyone taking over work ten times over. Should I now deny his good works because most times he doesn’t acknowledge my salutations? No, let’s give credit where its due. OBJ must be placed rightly in the annals of Nigerian leadership grid.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Dr would you have preffered Atiku then

Mojidee: God forbid!!! Tufiakwa!!!

Ogbeni Walor: DD, you just threw spanner into the works! Ati-gini?

Dr ChukwuDumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia Sr-Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr: I don’t believe in the Devil or the deep sea aphorism. I believe in creating the NEW. It is not a choice between bad and worse it is about making good and the right possible.

D DON…Truth has no colors: Dr we didn’t have such thing as a successive plan, we are privileged fate  entrust us with the enormous responsibility to create the platform for the much needed plan. That’s why CA ideas are flow through my vains

25fbad14: Corruption is a by product of a dysfunctional system, it becomes defacto when law order takes leave of human affairs, just take a closer look at more established societies today, their dark periods might even have been worse

D DON…Truth has no colors: *Entrusted us(before MDJ spots error) editor at large

25fbad14: Dignity is restored by creation of wealth, jobs

D DON…Truth has no colors: @Agama true but this is taking too long

25fbad14: Infrastructure

25fbad14: The leadership we require is one who understands giving us power is the first step in stemming corruption
Not via draconian measures
Bcos with power
Manufacturing will rally
Commerce generally will rally

D DON…Truth has no colors: I am not a believer in what Govt does to enpower me, I am interested in my creative capability and the undying drive to see it through. We we returned from Biafra, Igbos had nothing see what igbos have become as a people. They didn’t wait for govt to provide the much mouthed “enabling” environment.
Sme’s will come out of the woodworks
Thank u very much don, the igbos are a sterling example

D DON…Truth has no colors: Let’s work our talk
25fbad14: Business, good business sense is precisely how we will come out on top, our commercial banks are just as culpable in the malaise
They have no idea how to grow businesses

 MUTE. DOUBLE PORTIONS: I hope when una finish debate una go acknowledge my presence.. No wahala i no vex. But until one of us enter Aso Rock then appoint us all as advisers and ministers, i cannot gurantee the future of Nigerians in the hands of the old like baba and anenih or new breeds with a insatiable taste bud…

Ogbeni Walor: Lady Mute!!!

Yinka Bold: Nkem Nkem, morning my darlyn

Prince AdeYinka: @Gov please I am having an issue with some members ID. I have PINS instead of Display names o? Like Mute, Niyi, Ib,and our new entrant.

Ogbeni Walor: It will sort itself out. D problem is from RIM. Remove your battery and sim card. Leave for 5mn and put em back. Let’s see if it will reset itself

Prince AdeYinka: @GV k

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Or soak in water and a little Vim.

Ogbeni Walor: That’s anoda effective way

SHUZI KHAN  The eternal flame.Vis Indolis: Are u a tailor, abi u dey hallucinate?


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